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DS had his 10th Birthday...!

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BreadEyes Mon 08-Feb-16 03:44:18

Hello! First of all I was a mite overwhelmed by the reaction to my previous post on this site but I know you all have my best interests at heart! :-)

I was a little put out by something that occurred at ds's 10th birthday party on Saturday and felt I needed to share it with you all to get it off my chest.
As everything was going absolutely swimmingly, and ds was playing pass the parcel with his chums, dh came home. He had been out at the pub with his work friends. I had wanted him to be back home for the start of the party but he said he was going to watch the rugby as our Sky Sports subscription ran out last month. He was a bit worse for wear and ds remarked upon "daddy's funny breath"... I was livid and shooed him quickly upstairs to our room and told him in no uncertain terms to pull himself together (you girls told me to be more assertive!) and left to light the candles on ds's cake. About five minutes later I heard him snoring heavily like a buffalo, but the party went without a hitch after that and ds had a whale of a time.

After the kids were tucked up in bed, while we were watching "A Touch Of Frost", dh apologised and gave me the last "After Eight" as a way of saying sorry.

Am I being unreasonable to still be annoyed about this, or should his apology have put an end to it?

Holly34 Mon 08-Feb-16 04:45:32

If it has happened before you think to yourself how many more times? It is selfish but he was out with friends and watching a match! Do we have to ignore them when they are like this? I am not too sure. Every individual is different (men) yes its ideal to have the perfect Husband or partner but reality is far far from it.

CatchAPlaneToBarcelona Mon 08-Feb-16 05:25:17

No, you are not being in the least bit unreasonable. I have no problem with people occasionally getting drunk with friends but your 'D' H's priorities are way off.

It's done now, and he's said sorry. Only you can know whether he really is sorry, or whether he's just patronising you. Is he always this selfish and entitled and does he regularly prioritise his drinking sessions above special occasions with his children and family?

coming home totally pissed in the middle of the day when he knew other people's children would be in the house is really bad form.

PizzaPower Mon 08-Feb-16 08:15:16

Sorry OP, but if it was the six nations he went to watch, the sky subscription was an excuse. The matches on Saturday were shown on BBC1.

Whathaveilost Mon 08-Feb-16 08:23:19

You have only given us a snap shot of one particular day and incident.
i guess things depend on what he is like generally.

MintyBojingles Mon 08-Feb-16 08:46:52

So he chose a rugby match and drinking over his sons party? I'd be livid.

Also, as already said, the matches were all on bbc/itv. No need for sky.

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 08-Feb-16 08:53:31

I would be furious if my dh watched the rugby over our DS's birthday party. And as the others have said it was on the BBC so he's taking you for a fool there.

paxillin Mon 08-Feb-16 08:55:21

Take your ds out on your husbands birthday, return too late to do anything and go to bed.

SoupDragon Mon 08-Feb-16 08:58:56

Yes, I think his apology should have put an end to it. It might not stop you feeling annoyed about it but should have drawn a line underneath it.

the party went without a hitch after that and ds had a whale of a time.

This is the important thing.

diddl Mon 08-Feb-16 09:16:26

Was he supposed to be there helping with the party & didn't?

I assume he saw his son in the morning to do cards/presents/sing Happy Birthday?

Shame he wasn't in a fit state to share birthday cake!

We mostly did our kids parties on a Saturday so that we could both be there mucking in with food/games.

My parties were also at the weekend & I have fond memories of Mum & Dad preparing food, doing the games, Dad collecting & returning friends as necessary...

So, it seems odd to me that a dad would choose not to be involved.

BreadEyes Mon 08-Feb-16 21:22:56

Oh gosh. I am now so irate. When will dh's lies end. This certainly is the first time he has come home tipsy when the children are about. Why would he be lying to me? What in earth could I have done?

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