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to be utterly sick of these Facebook selling schemes

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mincebloodypie Sun 07-Feb-16 23:16:48

Yet another friend has been roped into the dodgy pyramid scheme business. This is something called "Nu Beauty". She posted recently about how she was "super excited" and couldn't wait to share her "awesome new business" "watch this space!" She doesn't talk like that normally

Over the last 24 hours she has spammed her own FB page with AWESOME BLACK HEAD REMOVAL MASKS that she just has to share with all her friends!

I feel terribly sorry for her, and wish I could say something. She is a single mum who doesn't currently have a job, and was talking about getting a qualification in something she would be brilliant at, and that would provide a decent income for her and her kids. I have a horrible feeling that's going to fall by the way side now, to make way for the face mask scam

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 08-Feb-16 01:22:09

I think she'll realise soon enough the mistake she's made. She'll still have time to retrain.

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