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to be fed up to back teeth with i-tunes/home sharing?

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rhetorician Sun 07-Feb-16 22:37:56

I'm sure it's all my fault. Everything i look at says just turn on iCloud and home sharing and all your music will be available across all your devices. Er. No. It's driving me demented. Think I will just listen to the radio instead. But seriously, what am i doing wrong? same apple id, same network, iTunes library open upstairs...

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sun 07-Feb-16 22:54:25

I wish I could answer you OP but the happiest day of my recent life was the day I sold my iPhone and upgraded to a Samsung - now I no longer have Apple subliminally insinuating that I'm thick and will never understand their world via messages such as the one you're getting!

LordBrightside Sun 07-Feb-16 23:00:16

I love my iPhone but have always hated iTunes. Home sharing is a particular, spectacular piece of shit.

I no longer have any use for iTunes.

whyistherumgone Sun 07-Feb-16 23:04:50

I have the same problem. I'm also yet to work out how to stop my (apple) computer ringing whenever my phone does - to my knowledge i've never synced them up!!


rhetorician Sun 07-Feb-16 23:08:26

i suddenly feel much better! thanks

SnuffleGruntSnorter Sun 07-Feb-16 23:16:21

I think it's great <ducks behind parapet>

Krampus Mon 08-Feb-16 00:26:32

I learned to live with iTunes years ago, at one point when Android was starting to become a thing I thought that we couldn't ever give up iTunes for all our family Apple devices. We had a central iTunes library on our nas, we got it working and sharing between multiple devices.

Then one grand day one of us had the courage to buy an Andriod device, now we have no Apple products grin No fecking iTunes software that kills any none Apple laptop, no wierd having to import music brought from other sources. We can put sd cards into our devices!

I have nothing particular against Apple and can see why people stick with them but Apple really don't make it easy.

LordBrightside Mon 08-Feb-16 07:32:56

ITunes really is a foul thing. They'd had what 15 years to make it decent?

Thankfully with Spotify, Netflix, Prime etc etc the need to use it is now very minimal.

It's even crap on my MacBook.

YoungGirlGrowingOld Mon 08-Feb-16 07:34:56

I love it blush

CakeNinja Mon 08-Feb-16 07:39:10

Hate it too. Phone is fine and easy to use, same as iPad, Apple TV etc.
Why on earth make iTunes so convoluted? And why the fuck can only the family headmaster or whatever they're called have the final say on buying bloody music?? I'm 31 and can't download any music until dp does something (I just launch my phone at him in a rage, I don't know what he does but it's because I can't seem to add a second card to the payment details).

Mistigri Mon 08-Feb-16 07:41:53

I use iTunes match, and it works brilliantly - I can add a new album to iTunes on my PC and it appears immediately on all my devices.

We have a mix of android and Apple devices btw, not especially invested in one particular brand except for music.

Collaborate Mon 08-Feb-16 09:00:20

And why the fuck can only the family headmaster or whatever they're called have the final say on buying bloody music? That's family sharing, not home sharing. Who on earth would want family members able not just to share their purchases (which is fine) but to be able to buy stuff on your account?

I think the home sharing is great. As CakeNinja says, it's great with AppleTV. We can stream anything from our mac to any of the TVs in the house. We also have an android Kodi box, which tries to emulate the AppleTV but isn't as good in this sense as you can't stream a movie to it, Instead you have to transfer it to a memory stick and plug it in to the box, so you may as well plug it straight in to the TV.

CakeNinja Mon 08-Feb-16 09:16:40

I don't want to buy things on his account, I really want my own but to be able to share some of the music he buys aswell. Like I would with a cd.
I don't really get it so we put up with it!
Infuriating though angry

JennyBunn Mon 08-Feb-16 09:20:52

Oh thank God it's not just me. I could NEVER fathom out iTunes and thought that I must have been thick. I had an iPhone 4s though that I could download music on to via wifi but the iPod I bought, could I get that to work nicely and easily with iTunes? No, I bloody couldn't.

I use Google music now and I love it. So simple.

tkndnv Mon 08-Feb-16 11:37:37

I hate i-tunes. It makes me angry. I just cannot for the life of me figure it out and find putting stuff on my ipod a real challenge. I do not get this cloud thing, nor do I want it. YANBU.

Collaborate Mon 08-Feb-16 13:44:26

*I don't want to buy things on his account, I really want my own but to be able to share some of the music he buys aswell. Like I would with a cd.*

But you can do that anyway. You can use iTunes as a programme for playing mp3s, or use the iTunes store for downloading them. For the last few years now there has been no DRM on iTunes purchases, so they can be easily shared with other family members. I use iTunes to put movies on, then I can transfer them to my iPad and play when on holiday or travelling.

CakeNinja Mon 08-Feb-16 15:15:25

Collaborate I also believe this to be true, however after a lot of googling and a lot of tinkering neither of us has been able to manage it.
Which makes me hate it.
Neither He nor I are particularly stupid. We are rocket scientists but we manage alright in most other aspects of life.
iTunes however, has stumped us. Very annoying.

velourvoyageur Mon 08-Feb-16 16:59:37

I found out a few weeks ago that I can access about 20 people's music grin I live in halls. I don't play anything yet but have had a bit of a stalk. Itching to tidy up their iTunes. Squeak of joy when I find someone has the same bent for French touch as me (not v. often).

Don't like the slowness of iTunes or that you have to give them your card details for them to find album art. I don't buy anything on it, just pop my CDs on it.
Love my iPhone though.

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