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Etiquette when on leave (work)

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stqueen Sun 07-Feb-16 19:18:51

Currently on mat leave; I have a KIT day next Wednesday as we have a department meeting, but I will be staying in the office most of the day so from 8am until 3pm-ish. The meeting is an hour long. I am quite senior in that I have a team of people working for me, and I have been checking emails (just for information and to keep my knowledge up, I haven't been acknowledging or responding to anything) throughout my time off.

I have remained in contact with my manager and we are on good terms. We had a telephone conversation last week when we arranged the KIT day, and I said to her that if theres anything she wants me to do, help out with or be involved in when I come in, then I would be happy to. She didn't say anything. I sent a quick email to her about something else and reiterated this point but didn't really get a reply. My role is currently being performed by a consultant (my maternity cover).

I'll be taking my laptop with me and plan to check emails, check in with colleagues and so on but what is the etiquette (!) of a KIT day when you're not just attending a meeting & going home? I suppose my AIBU is to not know what the hell to do for 5 odd hours when I'm back in the office!

YBR Sun 07-Feb-16 19:49:11

I generally organised just to go into a team brief meeting then home again, but if I was going by train had time to kill. Usually spent it going through the email back-log as I couldn't be useful on project stuff in odd days.
OTOH Nobody in the office knew what KIT etiquette was (nearly all male) so I made it up!

Hope that helps.

KatyN Sun 07-Feb-16 19:59:11

I was given a project to do during m kit days last time. Totally separate from anyone else's work and I just cracked on with it 1 day a month for 10 months. I was so bored of it by the time it was finished!
However at least half of my kit day would be spent catching up with people, some just socially but also what has happened in the business or our specific team.

And if it's your first kit day don't forget to factor in time to ring and check on your little one and maybe cry in the toilets!

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