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Am I being unreasonable

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Alwaysonadiet Sun 07-Feb-16 17:25:47

To think that when arranging sleep overs, tea or play date at friends house, going bowling/ cinema etc etc that there should be some communication between the parents of each child and not just leave it to the kids to communicate. DD year 7 and increasingly I am finding that I am having to insist on or initiate contact to check/ confirm arrangements with other parents. Am I treating my child like a baby? Should I be letting her sort things out herself? IMO it's just basic manners to check arrangements and say thank you or agree times etc. Am I inflexible or too uptight! I have looked a right lemon on a couple of occasions recently where I have dropped dd off at a friend's house to find out parent knows nothing about it even though friend has said "mum says it's ok". Also some of these children are new friends and I feel uncomfortable about making arrangements when I haven't even met the parents or even know where they live. I suppose it may be different with older friends when safety isn't so much the issue but even so isn't it just a case of good manners ?

Bunbaker Sun 07-Feb-16 17:28:18

Year 7 yes. Year 11 no.

Quoteunquote Sun 07-Feb-16 17:33:26

I would expect to meet who my child is spending time with at a year 7 age group.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 07-Feb-16 17:33:44

We arranged things between ourselves as soon as we were at High School. I don't think my parents ever met the parents of my friends, or checked arrangements.

I suspect it's probably when it stops being a playdate that needs to be arranged (ie with set times and parents supervising) and just becomes hanging out at someone else's house/in town/whatever.

Katenka Sun 07-Feb-16 17:36:01

I wouldn't be arranging anything for my dd in year 7.

Her friend phones, dd wil ask if they can do something and we arrange a time then.

I have met parents when dropping gr off

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