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To be a bit baffled by the trend for eyebrows that announce their presence 3minutes before the rest of the face?

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throwingpebbles Sun 07-Feb-16 17:19:45

I had assumed this eyebrow trend was reserved for sellers of strangely overpriced pyramid scheme products (e.g. Forever Living, Youuuunique and our mumsnet favourite Timeless Vie )

But I was at a soft play today and half the women there had eyebrows so fierce they had a life of their own. And I keep seeing posts on our local selling pages of women asking for recommendations where to go to get their eyebrows done like that.

Just baffled by it, but then maybe they are equally baffled by my vaguely-plucked-around-the-edges eyebrows

MadeMan Sun 07-Feb-16 17:25:13

Don't know if it's the same thing, but I hate those fierce styled eyebrows that make some women look like they constantly want a fight; really frowny looking.

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Sun 07-Feb-16 17:39:00

Eh, I don't get it either. Some are patently painted on using a stencil with a black Sharpie.

I had an "interesting" conversation with my niece recently. She works in a tattoo place and we were disagreeing on the merits of having one's eyebrows tattooed on. Me: "eyebrow fashions change, just look at photos from the 70s or actresses in the 20s. Only a bloody fool would want them on permanently". She got quite defensive about it. I haven't seen her in a while and suspect she's had them done. In dense black while she's a natural blonde.

Like all fashions it will pass, except these days the evidence is online permanently for all to see, forever and ever, amen.

GloGirl Sun 07-Feb-16 17:44:12

I say YABU, nothing wrong with my eyebrows, they've got attitude.

cankles Sun 07-Feb-16 17:47:46

they are fabulous glogirl!! and wouldn't look amiss on your top lip either! Dual purpose.

throwingpebbles Sun 07-Feb-16 17:50:10

glo grin

Jibberjabberjooo Sun 07-Feb-16 17:50:38

I get mine threaded, they're lovely and neat. Although it hurts. I don't understand the current fashion of pencilling in thick dark caterpillars. Equally bad is shaving eyebrows off and drawing them back on with a sharpie.

MadeMan Sun 07-Feb-16 17:52:04

"She got quite defensive about it. I haven't seen her in a while and suspect she's had them done. In dense black while she's a natural blonde."

I'm sure the 'Toon' Link eyebrow style will still be around in 30 years time.

TitClash Sun 07-Feb-16 17:53:58

There are whole websites and Reddits devoted to these beauties, and rightly so IMO.
I look at them to cheer myself up over my Dennis Healeys.


Maudofallhopefulness Sun 07-Feb-16 17:56:36

They're called HD brows and they're awful.

I get mine threaded in Superdrug when I get the chance.

Arkwright Sun 07-Feb-16 17:59:53

The tattooed type look equally ridiculous.

SirChenjin Sun 07-Feb-16 18:00:09

We have a woman at work with eyebrows at work like that tit grin. I am ancient and remember back when the other people who sported these eyebrows were drag queens she's a very tall, large woman and I did wonder...

Tattooed eyebrows are going to go the way of many other tattoos in the future - straight to the removal clinic. I can't help being fascinated by the things though - like coked up caterpillars dancing away on foreheads

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sun 07-Feb-16 18:00:35

I've never been one to stare but those eyebrows I have to kick myself to not stare i keep expecting them to slug slide and fall off their faces.

Lurkedforever1 Sun 07-Feb-16 18:04:27

Yanbu. The dodgy eyebrow crazes are beyond me. You get perfectly pleasant looking or even downright beautiful females, who appear to be doing their best to appear hideous. First those hairy caterpillar jobs, now the stupid shave and sharpie trend. Everyone looks worse for them. Just why would you do it?

MadeMan Sun 07-Feb-16 18:08:09

"I am ancient and remember back when the other people who sported these eyebrows were drag queens"

Yes, huge long eyelashes too; I don't understand the need for these either.

ThomasRichard Sun 07-Feb-16 18:13:05

YANBU. I saw a beautiful woman with ridiculous eyebrows before I realised it was a 'thing' and tried not to stare because I thought she probably wasn't 'all there'.

Vanderwaals Sun 07-Feb-16 18:13:57

I hateeeee that style. It does not look good. Either too thick drawn on eyebrows, or eyebrows plucked too thin, or shaved off and tattooed on eyebrows. Why would you do that (or let someone do that) to yourself. They never look good.

BitterAndOnlySlightlyTwisted Sun 07-Feb-16 18:16:14

*"HD Brows – a unique and revolutionary 7 step brow-shaping
treatment giving you the ultimate in well groomed, high definition eyebrows"*

Holy cow! Seven steps and at thirty quid a pop. Wish I'd thought of it.

It's just yet another wallet-buster must-have. Every second woman has blonde high/low-lights these days. Then it's the waxing, the fake-tan, the weekly nail-jobs, the semi-permanent eye-lashes. Throw in a tattoo or two and maybe a piercing so I guess it was only a matter of time before it was the eyebows, too. What's the next body-part to be the focus on extracting our cash-folding, I wonder?

gingerboy1912 Sun 07-Feb-16 18:16:45

Not keen on the thick or thin ones tbh agree with other poster about it being only drag queens and clowns that had these sort of eyebrows when I was growing up.

SuperFlyHigh Sun 07-Feb-16 18:18:53

MadeMan the eyelashes I don't get are when they really do look like 2 spiders glued onto someone's eyelids and what is worse (had an ex colleague who had eyelash extensions) very few other makeup so the eyelashes look even more obvious the star of the show as it were.

It's almost like with Katie Price you do a checklist:-

Fake tan
Fake eyelashes
Very pale lips which are also plumped out aka Trout Pout
Fake boobs (reduced in Katie's case) encased in a plunging or demure neckline
High heels
Dodgy toenails with pedicure on
Bouffed or straightened blonde or dark hair
Various other bits of Botox/filler - delete as necessary

bettyberry Sun 07-Feb-16 18:22:23

Lady on the school run and her eyebrows sideways apostrophes migrate.

I had mine waxed once. It went too far, not my choice, and I looked like a perpetually surprised chihuahua until they grew bad shock

DixieNormas Sun 07-Feb-16 18:22:29

my friend has eyebrow tattoos they look brilliant.

IrishElla Sun 07-Feb-16 18:22:31

Yanbu. Utterly ridiculous. Are the sharpie comments tongue in cheek or are people really using permanenent markers?

throwingpebbles Sun 07-Feb-16 18:25:23

I guess it just depends how they are done though Dixie

LadyStoicIsBack Sun 07-Feb-16 18:25:29

SuperFly grin

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