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Boy George is quite beautiful isn't he?

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OohMavis Sat 06-Feb-16 22:20:10

Or am I being lulled by his make-up team and the strange studio lighting on The Voice.

Think I'm getting a bit of a crush blush

absolutelynotfabulous Sat 06-Feb-16 22:23:32

He's aged well, that's for sure. He seems a decent sort, too, and lacking in arrogance considering how long a career he's had.

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sat 06-Feb-16 22:25:31

I like him. I expected him to be a bit one dimensional and he's not at all! I like that he's not all diva-like and he seems to care about what he's doing.

CallaLilli Sat 06-Feb-16 22:26:36

Imprisoning a man, chaining him to the wall and assaulting him isn't really decent of crush-worthy...

CallaLilli Sat 06-Feb-16 22:26:54

*or, not of.

tywinlannister Sat 06-Feb-16 22:27:03

Oh he is gorgeous. He was my first crush, aged 5. Haven't seen him on the Voice but he does seem down to earth in tv shows/interviews.

inlectorecumbit Sat 06-Feb-16 22:27:14

I have had a crush on him for years... so gutted when l found out he was gay.

ouryve Sat 06-Feb-16 22:29:10

IIRC, he's had his fair share of real ups and downs in life, even since his 80s fame. I expect that would be enough to temper any tendency towards arrogance.

And, if the film documentary about him is true to life, I don't think he had fame handed to him on a plate, either.

Awks Sat 06-Feb-16 22:29:11

I read his autobiography this summer and it was brilliant, so cutting and gossipy. He's fab. Some of the stuff in there was really interesting - like Gwen Stefani's dh, Gavin Rossendale was in a relationship with the 80's singer Marilyn for years.

Am massive BG fan.

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sat 06-Feb-16 22:29:26

He's certainly had his issues in the past but drugs make people fucking crazy don't they - he did his time for whatever he was convicted of. I'm not sure it's cool to hold stuff against people forever.

OohMavis Sat 06-Feb-16 22:29:46

uwot Calla? shock

tingon Sat 06-Feb-16 22:30:41

I think he has a dark side, but he's been good on the voice.

Paloma Faith on the other hand........a little goes a long way.

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 22:30:46

Every BG thread goes the same way Mavis. There was one last week.

DixieNormas Sat 06-Feb-16 22:30:57

Yeah the chaining to the wall thing was my first thought too

BertrandRussell Sat 06-Feb-16 22:31:33

Yep. Charming individual

CallaLilli Sat 06-Feb-16 22:32:26

Mavis, what Bertrand posted above.

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 22:33:29

Here you go Mavis. It's always the same. You aren't allowed to say anything.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 06-Feb-16 22:34:16

He is lovely to look at for sure.

My husband said to me 'U2, he is such a stunningly beautiful man, the most beautifulest man ever' I thought that was a bit OTT grin

I think what? one person actually picked him out of all the others though. Feel quite sorry for him that no one really wants to be on his team.

I loved Paloma until The Voice and now I can't stand to hear her whiney speaking voice.

AlwaysHopeful1 Sat 06-Feb-16 22:35:10

He looks creepy and scary to me. Nothing beautiful.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 06-Feb-16 22:35:36

Ricky is lovely. I don't want to fuck him, I just want to hug him!

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 22:35:40

I agree about Paloma U2. I was shouting at the TV tonight.

nancy75 Sat 06-Feb-16 22:36:23

I think the make up helps!

usual Sat 06-Feb-16 22:37:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 22:37:30

Yes that picture is on last week's thread. We couldn't work out out he can do a jawline with make up. grin

nancy75 Sat 06-Feb-16 22:38:23

I would definitely go to him for make up lessons, his face looks totally different

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