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to complain about nursery teacher - denying DD has SN

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SashaFierce99 Thu 04-Feb-16 22:37:27

DD is four years old and we're pretty sure she has autism, with lots of sensory processing issues to boot. She started attending a local nursery school in September. Before she started I met with the head, her teacher and the SENCO to discuss her difficulties. They promised some 1:1 help, help to integrate, sessions with the resident SALT, extra help in the SN room etc. None of this has materialised. DD has coped better than expected with nursery school in that she'll go in fine and doesn't cause a problem for the teacher. But she isn't happy there, or progressing. She very much keeps a low profile and is completely isolated. The nursery playground is visible from the road and several times I've passed when they're outside and she's just wandering, alone, flinching if any other children go near here.

In September we had a paediatrician appointment. The paediatrician wanted a review in December and asked that the nursery complete the CAST just before the appointment once they knew DD. We found our at the December appointment that her teacher completed the CAST in September saying that DD presented as completely normal for her age....after she'd been to nursery for just eight short sessions!

At parents evening in October her teacher said DD never interacts with her peers and very much stays on the perimeter, sitting alone with her back to the group. We discussed how she won't eat, drink, wipe her nose or use the toilet at nursery. We discussed how she walks around looking lost, breaks down hysterically for no obvious reason, doesnt take part in activities and how her speech is very difficult to decipher.

After the paediatrician appointment in December I met with her teacher to discuss her progress. She said DD seems happy and has clearly progressed because occasionally (on average once per fortnight ) she'll eat a snack (from home) and acknowledge her name during the register. Her answer to the toileting issue was that in the summer she'll be more thirsty so she'll be forced to use the toilet or else have accidents hmm

I was hoping to get a plan in place for primary school after Decembers paediatrician appointment but DDs teacher had completely scuppered the chances of that and there's now talk of a 18 months+ wait for an ADOS.

Aibu to complain about the teacher? I feel she is completely dismissing my concerns and obstructing diagnosis and therefore the support DD desperately needs. Both the paediatrician and SALT have reported that DDs speech would be incomprehensible to a stranger yet her teacher notes no difficulties at all hmm Conveniently though, they are no quotes whatsoever from DD in her learning journey so far...

Verbena37 Thu 04-Feb-16 23:33:50

Hi sorry to hear about this stressful situation. I think you might get good answers about this in he 'SN Children' topic as there will be lots of others who know about SEN for your DDs age group.

The tescher sounds as though she needs to go on some SEN courses and doesn't sound in tune with SEN children or even NT children. It really annoys me when they just treat every child the same and don't look deeper into their personality and see the real child.

I think you should speak to the SENCO and ask her to get the educational psychologist in to school to assessment your DD and what her needs might be. This is a good start (think I'm right but others will tell you if I'm not) whilst you wait for the paed. Co you afford to have her privately assessed? That could be a much faster option.

So sorry for your little DD though....bless times must be difficult for her. They are in P lauding her at all. Do they not have a playground buddy system? I'm assuming it's a state nursery attached to a school?

outputgap Thu 04-Feb-16 23:41:23

Gosh. That sounds so piss poor. I'm really sorry that you're both being let down.

Have you seen the senco and head since those opening promises?

Could you possibly move nursery? Can I ask whether it's a sure start/community nursery, or private provision?

Is there an area senco involved? (I'm really new to this whole area, but with my dd, the local authority have an area senco who was really useful in setting up progress meetings, referring us on to community paediatrics and helping out with the transition process to school.)

SashaFierce99 Thu 04-Feb-16 23:44:42

I have an appointment with the SENCO next week, then will speak to the head afterwards.

There is no buddy system but DD doesn't want to play with anyone anyway sad

AndNowItsSeven Thu 04-Feb-16 23:47:55

Yes the teacher is acting I appropriately it is very common sadly. However the 18 month wait is very common and I very much doubt the wait would have been shorter even if she had acknowledged your dd's difficulties. In my area at least children on the ads pathway are not triaged unless they are 16/17.

teacherlikesapples Thu 04-Feb-16 23:58:51

It's hard to understand why the teacher would be acting this way.

I think it is definitely time to complain about her, and if you can raise concern directly with her. She cannot sit in a meeting with you & tell you all her concerns, then completely act like she never said them when meeting with professionals! Take in specific statements & examples. Use the learning journey book & observations, if they have given them to you. There is supposed to be a good selection of the examples in there across all aspects of the EYFS, especially focused on her development of communication,social skills and independence. The paediatrician & SALT have also backed your observations. I would take that info in to & get them to explain how they are currently meeting your child's needs, because on the face of it, they are letting you both down. Badly. sad

VocationalGoat Fri 05-Feb-16 00:01:20

I am repeating what's been mentioned above.
Ask to meet with the school's SENCO lead.
Perhaps the nursery environment is fueling anxiety in your DD. Maybe it's too big a group, too noisy, too bright. How are the acoustics? Our DD was in a church hall and it was just awful. Lovely nursery but totally overwhelming, loud, and 'echoey' (she also had chronic glue ear for two years and was deaf in one ear).

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