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To think a simple sticky in AIBU has a place...

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AGrandUsername Thu 04-Feb-16 16:23:08

For common problems.

Obviously 80% of the issues in AIBU are because you need to rant, but I see the same issue over and over with some daft answers given when people really want help.

Just basic info like

1. Every schools must have a complaints policy on their website, if they do not request a copy from the office. This sets out the most effective way to resolve a serious issue at your child's school if you feel you are being ignored through other channels.

2. Health visitors are not statutory, whilst you will probably find them useful if you don't want one it is not a safeguarding issue (unless there are already other linked issues already then it may be)

3. 101 is for non emergency issues for the police, 111 for the NHS

4. Yes laws may be very different in Scotland


people could add to it.

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