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To think Tom Hardy's character had the spark with Reese Whitherspoon in This Means War?

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Valentine2 Thu 04-Feb-16 14:56:42

Ok I have a very serious crush on him these days. But is it just me who got butterflies watching their first date and the pace of it? I just felt it was the one. God it was so sexy! His accent, her attitude and the whole set and pace of dialogues ! His body language!! <swoons>
I hate that he does not choose some mega romance any more. Unfair to this world. Grrrrr

MyCatIsTryingToKillMe Thu 04-Feb-16 15:07:16

Valentine2, did you not see my thread the other day? grin

Valentine2 Thu 04-Feb-16 16:28:20

I must have missed it. It's horrible to see he is not going for any romantic roles these days. It's pissing me off totally. Only if he knew the number of women who are dying for him to make just one more again. Ohhhh!!!

Valentine2 Thu 04-Feb-16 16:30:03

But honestly, there is a Tom Hardy thread over here every few days. May be we should campaign for him to pick a romantic role. That will be a dream come true. Lol. I should erase history so DH does not see the level of my infatuation with Tom. After all he is a man. Lol

nocabbageinmyeye Thu 04-Feb-16 16:42:01

I was so disappointed they didn't get together, he was clearly the obvious choice.

God he is divine. I said to dh earlier that he should run in the election just so we can have an excuse to stick Tom Hardy posters on every lamp post

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