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About smoking celebrity crushes? (Lighthearted)

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WanderingNotLost Thu 04-Feb-16 01:47:03

I recently discovered that Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) is a smoker, and am very disappointed as it now means he can't be my boyfriend.

Is it just me?

itsbetterthanabox Thu 04-Feb-16 02:02:50

But surely because he will be so in love with you he will easily quit to show you his devotion!

Junosmum Thu 04-Feb-16 03:13:30

I always find such revelations disappointing. The fact I'm married with a 4week old and I'm fat, ugly and with a bucket for a fanny of course would never put them off confused

The only exceptions are Leo DiCaprio and Charlie Hunam, both who look Danny cool smoking. Though then I remember they'll taste like ash-trays.

Junosmum Thu 04-Feb-16 03:14:14

Danny?! Meant damn!

Seren85 Thu 04-Feb-16 03:33:47

Juno, if you'd left it we'd all have assumed a Grease ref :-)

Oysterbabe Thu 04-Feb-16 03:39:19

That is disappointing. I reckon you could help him quit though, he'd do it for you.

RodentOfUnusualSize Thu 04-Feb-16 04:22:15

I think that I probably saw the same photo of Kit that you saw OP, and I did feel a bit disappointed.

Not a crush, but I remember thinking it was odd when I saw Nicole Kidman smoking. She doesn't look like a smoker (whatever it is that a smoker looks like).

WanderingNotLost Thu 04-Feb-16 07:37:18

I suppose it just kills the illusion that I have of the lovely perfect gentleman who does things like taking the rubbish out without being asked and always smells wonderful.
I reckon I could help him... but we're talking at least 3 dates where it'd be stinky and gross.

Please God, don't let Tom Hiddleston be a smoker. That really would be upsetting.

FarrowandBallAche Thu 04-Feb-16 08:07:49

People that I see in RL smoking makes me go EWWWW. They look cheap and rough.

But when I see a sleb smoking I don't think like that. They look some kind of ok.

WHY. My stupid mind knows that anyone smoking looks awful.

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