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To want to know what you shared about your pregnancy?

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YouAreAWizardHarry Mon 01-Feb-16 20:33:49

I usually have a strong opinion on everything grin but haven't given this much thought before.

I am pregnant with DC1 and was wondering how much to put on Social media. I'm quite private due to my job, but have family and friends over 100 miles away so do want to put some things.

I'm still early atm but wanted to put 20 week scan up and then announce the birth, nothing in between, as no one needs to know how much I'm weeing.

Why do people on MN not like scan pictures online?

And how much did you share and why/why not?

YouAreAWizardHarry Mon 01-Feb-16 20:37:44

Requested hq delete this as I duplicated blush

Rainshowers Mon 01-Feb-16 20:40:47

I didn't use a scan picture, I think they all look the same so don't really see the point!

My 20 week scan was the day before my birthday so I put up a status along the lines of 'lovely early birthday present seeing baby * at our scan today. We're halfway there!' And then a day or so after I had her I put a couple of pictures up. We have family overseas and it was an easy way for them to all see she was here safely.

In two years I've probably put up about 15 pictures of her so I like to think I'm on the right side of the baby overload line!

Dangermouse1 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:46:50

To me I wanted to share my news in person /over the phone, if I wasn't in contact with people at least via phone/skype I wasn't that bothered if they knew or not. I'm not really a fan of social media but I don't think anyone would think that 2 posts to announce pregnancy and birth was particularly over sharing, so if that's what you feel comfortable with then go for it. If you do want to share lots of pics with overseas relatives, drop box or similar would let you do so without burdening your friends with baby overload.

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