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to consider taking others advice re ringing 101 to cover myself (parking issue)

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alltoomuchrightnow Mon 01-Feb-16 18:41:35

Not sure. Hadn't considered it at all but keep being told I should to cover my back in case of any come back

Today I went to my dentists, it's in a private house on a residential street, has a small car park out front ie on its drive. On arriving, there were a few spaces, no problems. (in the past I'll park out on the street if it looks I hit lucky today)
When I came out it was a different scenario. My car was about 70/80% blocked in, as a car had parked length ways behind the back of my car (ie it wasn't in a designated space - unlike mine)
I know..I should have gone back in and enquired as to whose car it was. However I gave them benefit of the doubt. That I would at least try to manouvre out, and if I couldn't, only then would I go back in. I didn't want to disturb someone who was in with dentist.
So I had a good few minutes of manouvring.. I didn't hit her car though it was certainly v close to it. But I have good eyesight and also have sensors for reversing. The dental nurse that I'd just seen for treatment, looked out of window a few times watching me and giving me thumbs up . But then I saw the car owner filming me on her I-Pad out of the waiting room window. Why she did that instead of come out and move it a few metres I don't know.

She came out and carried on filming and I asked her why, and said I had not touched her car and as she could see, she had blocked her in. The only thing she said was, 'alright'. She kept on watching me and filming. I told her to go and look at both cars and she'd find nothing (my car is light silver and hers is dark blue so any scrape would certainly show) She had a look and and stopped filming but had, I would say, 3-5 minutes worth. She said 'well the nurse told me you'd hit my car'. I told her that I hadn't and had I done, I'd have come in and owned up (not like I could do a runner , could I?!)

She still did not offer to move her car and eventually I freed myself (my car) and drove off feeling really rattled. I hate the thought of a stranger having footage of me , my number plate visible and accusing me of damage. What if she maintains I caused damage off camera? Her car is an absolute wreck full of dents and scratches and mine is a lot newer and relatively few (does have a dent but on the other side to the side close to hers when she can prove nothing) but it was like she was just out to get me

What kind of person blocks you in and then comes and films your struggle to get out?

nameschangerer Mon 01-Feb-16 18:48:57

If you didn't hit her car then no amount of filming you will have proven anything even if she claims you have. Also it just raises the question as to why she didn't move her car.

She's a dick. Ignore and move on.

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 01-Feb-16 18:52:40

My mum's freaking out saying she must have it in for me and therefore could damage her own car and then say i did it off film.. but her car's such a state anyway.. would anyone really go to all that trouble..hmm..
Damn I wished I'd filmed her back! But was to busy.. manouvering.. (sorry spelt wrong)

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 01-Feb-16 18:53:46

Well she has a nice exciting little film of me trying to get round her car. Hope she's got some good popcorn and pick n mix to go with it hmm

tiggytape Mon 01-Feb-16 19:01:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Littlecaf Mon 01-Feb-16 19:02:55

Don't ring 101, there wasn't an accident so don't waste their time.

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 01-Feb-16 19:15:41

Tiggy..thanks.. I will definitely be doing that tomorrow re the photos

GwenethPaltrowIamnot Mon 01-Feb-16 19:17:25

Stupid woman . All she has is evidence of her parking illegally

Strangertides1 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:22:09

I'd just like to add that if she did claim you hit her car then both side would send an inspector out to assess the damage. If there if no damage to assess she'd get no where. The damage to a car speaks loud than any amount of 'he said she said'. X

wasonthelist Mon 01-Feb-16 19:23:33

People are odd, aren't they. Bloke next to me clanged his door on mine in car park (I was parked properly he chose to park next to me). When I scowled at him, he wound his window down and said he didn't think he'd hit me (he had).

In your case, nothing to see, she has no film of you hitting her car, end of.

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