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To stop looking forward to the weekends

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Ledkr Sun 31-Jan-16 15:34:23

I have always enjoyed the weekends, a break from routines and some family time.
However I was wondering today why I still do as they are a bit crap these days.
Dh works 2 on 2 off, dd2 still wakes up at 6 then needs entertaining all day and ferrying around to Her clubs. Dd1 mooches around then gives me grief when I tell her to settle down even if it's midnight!
Dh plays football Sunday mornjng if he's not working, I'm struggling to find a reason to enjoy it anymore. G

Ledkr Sun 31-Jan-16 15:35:52

I have no idea what that random G is sorry!
Any good weekend ideas are welcome.

RudeElf Sun 31-Jan-16 15:39:16

Sounds like everyone has something to do except you. Why dont you have a weekend activity to look forward to? Leave them to mooch or be ferried with DH

liinyo Sun 31-Jan-16 15:40:05

YANBU. I felt the same when the children were little. The magic of that Friday feeling returned when they went to school and became less dependent on me. Then weekends became cherished family time. I also got a part time job (term time only) for really crap money so I could once again appreciate being in my own home!

ToucheShay Sun 31-Jan-16 15:40:21

Like me your problem is your weekends are about everyone elses happiness and amusement. I could do something for myself but I wouldn't get a minutes peace to enjoy it so I don't bother.

Anyway, DH is 'cooking' this tonight and seems to have prepared a roast in 25 minutes. whilst I MN

GreenRug Sun 31-Jan-16 15:42:27

I hear you op! I spend far too much of my weekends wistfully thinking back to what weekends used to mean. Wake up, decide to get up, decide to stay in bed instead, decide to get up, mooch on up to the shops for ingredients for some complex meal that I spontaneously decided to make, read the papers, maybe catch up on a bit more sleep, watch come dine with me for about 3 hours, drink wine at any time of day. I didn't know I was born!!!!

On a more serious note, I feel like that too but slowly but surely over the last month or so have randomly started looking forward to them again, despite the stresses. It's all just a series of phases isn't it? Look on the bright side, this one is almost over!

Ledkr Sun 31-Jan-16 15:56:09

The problem definitely is that there's no time for me yes.
I can't commit to anything as Dh works 2 weekends.
To be fair I have had a broken wrist so have been limited.
Summer is much nicer, I just think the winter feels relentless at the moment.
I'm feeling it at the moment as its been a really busy few months with christnas and both Dds birthdays plus Dd in panto, I was really looking forward to this weekend but it's been terrible confused

RudeElf Sun 31-Jan-16 15:59:34

I am in a similar boat in that my DC spend every other weekend with their dad so i would love to join this or that club or hobby but because its only alternate weekends i cant really as it would mean missing every other week/class.

Could you arrange with friends to have a once a month coffee meet or book club or something? That would be something to look forward to.

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