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to think that women should just accept that they are selfish and that everything they do is wrong?

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youmustbekidding Sat 30-Jan-16 15:43:58

Let's look at the objective facts. If you're single but want to be married, you're all about trapping some poor man and therefore selfishly denying him his freedom, if you're single but don't want to be married, you're a ball-breaker, poss a lesbian, and definitely a man-hater and selfishly unnatural. If you're sexually active on top of that, then you're also a slut. If you want to have kids, you are selfishly listening to your own biological needs; if you don't want to have kids you are selfishly prioritising three trips to long-haul destinations each year over your biological imperative and anyway who will wipe your arse when you're 93? Having kids in itself opens up an entire vista of selfishness - if you're young when you have them, you're irresponsible and selfishly thinking of your own gratification over the financial security of your offspring. If you wait until you're older then you will selfishly bleed the nhs dry single-handedly due to the multiple medical complications you will encounter, plus you will probably die before your kids reach the age of 5 which is of course, you guessed, selfish.

And it doesn't stop there. If you have one child only, they will be weird and introverted and possibly be a serial killer. You have therefore raised a serial killer due to your selfish desire to take control of your fertility. More than one, and don't you know that there's a population crisis, and how dare you add more humans to the already suffering and overcrowded planet, you selfish bitch. If you breastfeed any of your one or many children, you're doing it for yourself really, but if you bottle-feed you might as well inject them with heroin.

As soon as you've pushed the baby out of your vagina (or had him/her cut through your stomach, which is obviously what the really selfish women do, due to them selfishly opting for major abdominal surgery which leaves them unable to pick up so much as a measuring jug for six weeks due to being too posh to push), the fun starts all over again with considering whether or not go to back to work. This is obviously less of a consideration for men, who are either providing for their family (heroes) or looking after their family (heroes). If a woman wants to provide for her family, she is a cold-hearted bitch career woman and nobody knows why she even had children if all she wanted to do is farm them out to strangers. On the other hand, if she wants to stay at home, she's a sponger and why the fuck did she bother going to university anyway.

Anything I've missed?

LotsOfShoes Sat 30-Jan-16 15:52:09

You sound angry, OP. I have no idea what kind of people you're hanging out with or what you're reading but you need to make a change. I very very rarely hear that kind of crap.

OurBlanche Sat 30-Jan-16 15:53:14

Step away from the Daily Mail... step away!

LotsOfShoes Sat 30-Jan-16 15:53:35

In fact, I think I only ever see it on the Internet or the Daily Fail. I don't think I've ever heard any of that from friends or family.

BalloonSlayer Sat 30-Jan-16 15:58:30

I thought that was great! Spot on. But don't know whether to grin or sad

LindyHemming Sat 30-Jan-16 16:01:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HermioneWeasley Sat 30-Jan-16 16:03:10

Yes, you've missed the fact that now if we talk about any of that, particularly anything to do with our biology then you are ERASING and EXCLUDING Transwomen and that is LITERALLY the same thing as violence.

Also, that if we are raped it is our fault for being drunk, dressing provocatively, or being within a 10 meter radius of a man.

That where girls are finally starting to perform better across the board in school, this is a national outrage that boys are falling behind.

That if you get pregnant it's entirely the woman's fault. And if you keep it and the guy didn't want a baby it's completely unreasonable that you have more of a say over what happens to your body than he does.

If you're a stay at home mum you're a parasite, sponging off your partner and wasting your education. If you return to work you're a cold mother and why did you bother having kids. And if you're in a senior role, you're probably quite "masculine" or a "ball breaker".

CaptainCrunch Sat 30-Jan-16 16:05:09

Wow, some misogynistic arsehole has really done a number on you op, get better friends / partners and stop reading shitty newspaper articles.

NotQuiteSoOnEdge Sat 30-Jan-16 16:05:48

Scarily, depressingly true.

StealthPolarBear Sat 30-Jan-16 16:07:01

I suspect you've missed loads op but I loved your post grin
As soon as my two could hold a pen I had them sign a contract (shakey X) that they'll wipe my bum when I'm 93. So I'm covered on that grin

StealthPolarBear Sat 30-Jan-16 16:08:12

I believe you may have missed an entire rant about what we do or don't wear and whether how we look pleases the men around usm

PacificDogwod Sat 30-Jan-16 16:08:47

Oh, I do love a bit of hyperbole to make a point grin

You are not wrong, OP sadangryhmm

AlpacaLypse Sat 30-Jan-16 16:09:51

Consider the 'Like' button that we haven't got on this site well and truly pressed OP!

AndNowItsSeven Sat 30-Jan-16 16:14:54

Op I don't know if you meant it to be funny but it really was. You should start a blog.

QueenLaBeefah Sat 30-Jan-16 16:15:03

Completely agree

If you refuse to be a full time carer for elderly parents you are selfish. If you look after elderly parents you are a martyr and, therefore, selfish.

Slowlygettingthehangofthings Sat 30-Jan-16 16:15:46

Lol yes AlpacaLypse I am new to MN and I was looking for the like button

ImperialBlether Sat 30-Jan-16 16:17:32

Very, very funny and unfortunately true.

MrsBobDylan Sat 30-Jan-16 16:18:57

Yanbu. Lots of your op crops up in mn debates too, especially the way we polarise the working mum/ sahm position, much of which is divisive bullshit.

BonitaFangita Sat 30-Jan-16 16:21:04

Have you been reading the Daily Mail?

Maryz Sat 30-Jan-16 16:22:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 30-Jan-16 16:25:25


No one in my real life has ever made me feel this way, but reading threads on MN sure makes me feel that way.

Don't forget that if you object to teens drawing pictures of jizzing cocks and writing 'nice tits' it's your fault so many men are gender confused.

Dragonsdaughter Sat 30-Jan-16 16:25:29

God forbid if you become a single mum - then the shit really hits the fan and you are responsible for every famine and natural disaster thats ever happened.

Valentine2 Sat 30-Jan-16 16:25:58

What did you drink and where? How much?

Katenka Sat 30-Jan-16 16:26:27

There are people out there that think like that.

However if you think that's how most people think, you need a new circle of people to mix with.

Valentine2 Sat 30-Jan-16 16:27:25

Sorry, I should have explained: I would say that to anyone who tries to tell me what you wrote in your post.

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