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To ask for a discount after being messed about?

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Quatrefoil Sat 30-Jan-16 10:01:58

I had booked a specialist company to move my piano on Thursday afternoon. I was given a time slot of 1-4pm. I was at work at that time so i had arranged for someone to be there to receive the piano.

The evening before the company emailed me to say the time slot would be 3-7pm. Fair enough. I still wouldn't be able to be there, but neither would the person I'd arranged already, so I had to unarrange them and arrange for a different person to be there.

The time slot came and at approximately 6.20pm we had a call from the movers saying they wouldn't be able to make it that night, and could they come on Saturday at 10am instead.

I have just rang to ask if they are on their way, to be told that it's booked in today for between 11 and 12. No apology, just defensive excuses offered (bad day Thursday, bad traffic, person on phone not personally aware of what time I'd been told but this is what time they were coming, etc.)

I asked whether I would be able to get an apology and a discount for being put back so often and for their lack of communication with me.

I was told they wouldn't be making any money on today's move because they don't normally work on a Saturday so mine is the only piano they are moving today. So no, I couldn't have a discount.

I think one of her sentences may have grudgingly contained the phrase "I apologise if..." but it really didn't feel genuine at all, and related to possible traffic issues this morning.

So, WIBU to ask for a discount?

Gatehouse77 Sat 30-Jan-16 10:11:16

Nope, if you don't ask, you don't get. Always worth trying!

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