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To need survival tips in my new job

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AuntieMeemz Fri 29-Jan-16 16:37:38

I've been in my new job a month now, and it's the perfect type of job, with perfect hours.

However, Boss is ill I and very busy. I think she may be approaching retirement.
I only get very brief minutes with her, here and there. We are constantly interrupted by urgent requests from other staff. I work in childcare, so I don't think she has the option to ask the interrupters to wait. I'm also supposed to help with care when needed, and answer the door. An hour a day for each, and I only work 5 hours a day.

Head Office told me boss has issues with communication, and getting on with administrator (that's me- the last 3 left after only a few months). I think they are keeping a close eye on her, they seem to have a lot of meetings with her, and visits, which are always followed up by a report.

I've had training from Head Office here and there, but can't get the time to read and refresh before I urgently need to do something. I can do the processes, if i had the time, but can never find the information I need, nor familiarize myself with all the steps on the processes.

There is a big back log of emails, and I've missed some urgent tasks. I have no idea which emails she is dealing with, nor which I'm supposed to do. (Attempts to use flagging etc have failed).
I feel like I'm inundated all day, and when she asks me to do something, it just gets lost in the general fray, and I look like I'm disorganized and incompetent!

The systems I have (tacfully) devised for getting organised, sharing my 'to do' list, decluttering the office, have all died in the water! I have shared my feelings with Head Office, in a constructive way but they say they 'know what she is like'.
I have written notes, so things are easy to find, but expected to carry out the processes with the information I have. Only problem is I spend most of my time looking for the information! I also make a 'to do' list every day.

Today, boss told me it just isn't working....

Any tips anyone?

fiorentina Fri 29-Jan-16 16:42:36

Can you just adopt the process that you deal with all emails and pass on to her the ones you want her to deal with? That way you have an audit trail of the division.

I would ask for a meeting with Head Office and ask for more support, she's clearly not coping and they shouldn't fob you off? Would a temp help clear any backlog?

WhereYouLeftIt Fri 29-Jan-16 17:27:08

"Today, boss told me it just isn't working...."
So is she getting ready to sack you? In which case there is little to lose, so I'd feel free to push her a bit. Did she elaborate on why 'it' wasn't working? Because if you're the fourth administrator, the common factor is her, isn't it?

Greyponcho Fri 29-Jan-16 17:28:46

Right, so she's senior to you, has been there longer, gets paid more (presumably) and acknowledges there's a problem - so what does SHE propose to resolve it?
Sounds like you've tried your initiatives to sort the issue, where are her bright ideas? You need to ask her what she has in mind for resolving this as you've done what you can, her turn for problem solving is way overdue.
plus try to find out why the person before you left, perhaps they were exasperated with bosses ineffectiveness and lack of support from head office too?

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