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To be so pissed off???

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MarshmallowSunday Fri 29-Jan-16 00:58:46

I'm 39 weeks pregnant with a 3yo DD and have been on mat leave for a few weeks due to pelvic and back pain coupled with a long commute. I end up in a lot of pain if I have to walk anywhere so I've been pretty much housebound for the past 3 wks or so and so has my DD as a result.

DP works 50hrs+ per week, these are a mixture of early and back shifts. His rota was on the fridge and I'm sure he was an early tomorrow meaning he'd be home for dinner and when I mentioned it to him when he got home late tonight he said no he's a back shift. He put the rota in the bin yesterday so I can't check. Not that it matters anyway since he's bloody working late anyway.

He worked a day shift on Monday then got a call shortly after I'd gone to bed saying the security guy hasn't shown up so he then had to go into work to do a full nightshift after working all day! Plus his day off was Tuesday which was spent mostly sleeping obviously. He's the boss so has to pick up a lot of the slack when things like this happen.

I'm just fucked off. My life is like bloody groundhog day just now, I'm so tired and sore and my DD isn't getting out and is watching too much tv while i can't do very much sad

I'm pissed off at DP when it's not his fault, him being at home is about the only thing I look forward to so being faced unexpectedly with another long day of the same shit is getting me down and I just wanna scream or cry or both!

NorthernBird92 Fri 29-Jan-16 01:05:57

Hey, my hubbys in the army and is currently away till March (comes home odd weekends in between ) we haven't lived on the camp we are on long so I don't know anyone, I have a dd under one and i am 8 weeks ish pregnant. Hubbys taken the car so we too are stuck in! The sickness and tiredness at the min means I don't even wanna get up in a morning but have to! I could really do with hubby being home but I've just gotta 'get one with it'....
I feel your pain Hun flowers xx

NorthernBird92 Fri 29-Jan-16 01:07:36

And I'm here if you need a moan!! X

MarshmallowSunday Fri 29-Jan-16 01:12:46

Thanks Northern! flowers It sucks doesn't it??

Today has just been the straw that broke the camel's back.

MaisieDotes Fri 29-Jan-16 01:18:52

Hi OP, I feel your pain! I'm 40+1 here <cries> with a 17 month old. I also have an older DD.

DH is self-employed, he leaves the house every day at 7am, comes home at 5.30, does DS's bath (which is great), has dinner and then works again all evening. Tonight he came back in at 10.20pm.

He says he'll take two weeks off when the baby is born (he didn't take any time off with DS) but I suspect he won't. Even when he's in the house he's constantly looking at his phone, emailing etc.

I have barely been out the last couple of weeks either, I just can't walk anywhere! Poor DS, he used to get two walks a day an now nothing.

I just want to have this baby and get on with things!

RubbleBubble00 Fri 29-Jan-16 01:24:44

Any chance of dd going to childcare u use when your working? Give u a bit of a rest

NorthernBird92 Fri 29-Jan-16 01:38:33

marshmallow today's been crap for me too.
Dds teething again so screaming a lot and sleeping not a lot ..
I'm so bloody tired and feel so very sick... Hubby texts me for maybe an hour on an evening and after asking about me and dd tell me about work I am dying for some adult talk and a break tbh!!!

God your 39 weeks so you don't have long left! Are you all prepared and excited?
At least when baby comes your dp will get a couple of weeks off with you all grin

It's really hard though isn't it! Even when my dh is back in March his average working week is till late at night and overnight stuff so it drives me mad!!

And I'm the same as you I get cross at dh about it even though it's not his fault. I can't help it I look forward to him coming home so much then when he doesn't I'm gutted!

Is your dp going to try cut back Abit when your baby comes? Although with him being a manager like you say I bet the answer to that is no !

ThumbWitchesAbroad Fri 29-Jan-16 01:41:36

YANBU to feel pissed off, what a PITA situation.

Do you have any family or friends you can call upon to take your 3yo out to the park or the shops or something for a bit?

MarshmallowSunday Fri 29-Jan-16 09:36:07

Thanks for your replies last night. After posting I went to bed and had a good cry. Feel a bit better this morning, some mornings I wake up in a good mood and other times it's a struggle - luckily this morning is a good morning!

I was going to attempt to take DD out for a short walk but we've got up to gale force winds and heavy rain!! So unless that clears up we're stuck in again!

DD is starting nursery very soon which will be great for her! I'm just trying to think of this as being very short term and won't have an overall lasting effect on her of too much telly etc!

Thumb Not really. I do feel a little abandoned by everyone tbh. But I haven't asked them for help. My dad took DD for a few hours at the weekend there which was lovely! My mum would normally help out a lot but she's on holiday for 3 weeks. I've mentioned to siblings/friends I'm stuck in/on my own etc but everyone is busy with their own lives I guess.

Maisie That sounds rough! I totally get what you mean about just getting the baby out to get on with things! I feel like I'm in limbo now until the baby arrives! I used to try and get out and about but lately when I have I've been in so much pain for a couple of days after it that I've given up until the baby is born.

Northern Having a teething little one and in the early throes of pregnancy is not an ideal combination! sad I'm desperate for some adult conversation too.

I feel bad taking it out on DP because he doesn't want to be working as much either and it's not much fun for him when I'm directing my boredom and frustration at him. I don't want to fall out with him! It's difficult. I just would sometimes like some acknowledgement from him about what I'm dealing with and for him to do some stuff when he's home without me having to tell him!

He won't be cutting back when the baby comes unfortunately! Although he's planning on taking 4 weeks off finances permitting so that will help greatly.

I spent the first few weeks preparing for the baby and getting the house in order but that's all done now so I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs now and trying to keep on top of housework but when I feel so tired and low it's difficult to be motivated to do anything. I found mat leave a real struggle last time but I'm hoping this time will be easier as I'll need to take DD to nursery and I'm hoping to learn to drive... Just need this baby to get a move on!

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