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To recommend you watch this documentary on online grooming

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Stanky Wed 27-Jan-16 17:26:02

Murder Games on BBC iplayer is definitely worth watching. The victim's parents did everything right, but the situation still ended with their 14 year old son's murder. We can all learn something new, and be more aware of the warning signs and dangers online.

hefzi Wed 27-Jan-16 18:43:38

There's another thread about the case here I think it's so heart-breaking, especially when you see how concerned and engaged his parents were: there literally wasn't anything they could have done differently, I don't think.

I read an interview with his dad at the time that said he struggled with making friends etc, and they were really glad that he had found a group of boys into gaming etc and that he was communicating with them. It was also really interesting that the older boys saw something fishy in the end, and backed away - but the most vulnerable one, who was being targeted and deliberately being driven apart from his friends and family, continued to trust him. Before the case happened, it never really occurred to me that young boys could be groomed in this way (ie not for overt sexual purposes): a real tragedy. I remember being moved to tears at the time of the case, but was again with this documentary: his parents' anguish is so palpable throughout.

Stanky Wed 27-Jan-16 18:51:13

Thanks for the link hefzi. His parents are amazing, and I agree that they did everything they could do. I think that the police could have done more when his mother asked for a background check. It's certainly made me more aware. The victim was a very bright young man, and this could have happened to any one really.

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