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To think I might have a little bit of TLC

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kiggenpaws Wed 27-Jan-16 16:00:38

I have a chest infection, struggled with my breathing & dizziness to the extent that I had to call a first responder out today. Was all quite stressful. Husband has come early to 'look after me'. He has sat down, and promptly fallen asleep. It's quite a regular occurrence that if he sits on the sofa he nods off, and I was coughing quite a lot last night (I didn't get a wink of sleep) so he's likely to need a sleep. But am I wrong to think that with the emergency services coming out to visit me he might make a bit more of an effort to stay awake when he's first got home & keep an eye on me?!

Nabootique Wed 27-Jan-16 16:03:03

sad He could at least have fallen asleep giving you a cuddle! YANBU. flowers

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