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Question about white goods rentals sorry

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Theladyloriana Wed 27-Jan-16 13:42:27

Posting shamelessly for traffic apologies.

I am going through an awkward separation and agreed to leave the white goods. Is it ever a good idea to rent a washing machine, fridge, tumble dryer and dishwasher?

icanteven Wed 27-Jan-16 13:49:20

No. It will wipe you out.

What do you need? Can you get credit? Appliances Online and John Lewis have interest free credit.

icanteven Wed 27-Jan-16 13:49:44

Ebay and gumtree can also tide you over.

specialsubject Wed 27-Jan-16 14:45:59

not since the 1960s.

I got a dishwasher for £22 on ebay, works fine. Look for an area where everyone buys integrated stuff and so wants to get rid of perfectly good freestanding items. And ebay should have plenty.

notquitehuman Wed 27-Jan-16 15:53:49

My local freecycle often has people getting rid of old fridges. Gumtree is also good for appliances. Do you need a tumble dryer and dishwasher? It'd be better to save for them rather than making repayments for years. If you look at the total amounts repayable in places like Brighthouse you often end up spending twice as much for white goods in the long run.

Kittykatmacbill Wed 27-Jan-16 16:11:49

No. It is way more expensive, see what you can get on gumtree or free cycle.

Theladyloriana Wed 27-Jan-16 18:13:02

Thanks all , decision sealed smile

hereiamagain22 Wed 27-Jan-16 18:32:16

Renting is a mug's game now. You end up paying a huge amount for something pretty cheap.

Check out your local Facebook selling site too (yes, I know they can be irritating). When I moved out of my ex's, I got a 3 month old Zanussi washing machine for £50, and a tumble drier for £30. A free kettle. A microwave for £5. 3 years later all working perfectly.

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