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To think this is appalling customer service?

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Littletabbyocelot Wed 27-Jan-16 13:24:47

Back in November, I did an online shop at Morrison's. Wasn't that impressed and didn't go back. Two weeks ago, I had an email demanding payment as I had failed to fulfill my credit agreement and pay by phone. I always pay on line. It looked like a total scam but after checking my statement I couldn't see a payment to Morrison's in November so I rang to pay. I got an engaged tone every time I tried. I then got a final demand threatening debt collection. I managed to get their bank details to pay, then my husband noticed my receipt quite clearly says paid and gives the last four digits of my card. Just rung customer services and apparently they had the type of card wrong so it declined but they just kept trying, then added a note on my account that I'd only see if I logged in.

AIBU to expect that they make some attempt to contact me directly in 2 months and that their letter should explain they'd tried to take payment?

Toomanyhyphons Wed 27-Jan-16 14:01:02

This is terrible! I did an online shop with tesco just before Christmas and my card was declined after I had placed the order (I'd used the wrong card details blush). Anyway, they called me from the store after they'd attempted to take the payment to advise they couldn't and took alternative details from me. This is absolutely appalling. I'd be writing them a very stern letter of complaint and be looking for them to compensate me for the upheaval caused.

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