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AIBU to think that if the council designate a pedestrian zone, they should enforce it?

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AllOutOfNaiceHam Mon 25-Jan-16 20:11:42

The high street where I work was turned into a pedestrian zone about 10 years ago.
It has signs the top that declare it to be pedestrianised, with access for vehicles with permits.
Accidents have already happened, a blind man ended up in hospital, and I've witnessed a few near misses with children running out of shops.
People constantly drive down it at speed, and park all down both sides of the street and the centre on takeaway nights so they don't have to walk from the free car park, 2 minutes away.
I spoke to a town councillor about it today after work; lives in the high street, and has been told by the traffic wardens that the district council have told the wardens not to enforce the pedestrian zone, not to give people tickets for parking there, and not to reprimand them for driving down it.
My access permit clearly states that I am not allowed to park on the high street other than for loading, before 10 and after 4, and that I am not to drive faster than 5mph through the pedestrian zone.

AIBU to think that if they are going to mark out a road as pedestrian zone, they should actually enforce it?

Junosmum Mon 25-Jan-16 20:35:17

YANBU, I don't understand why they wouldn't?

AllOutOfNaiceHam Mon 25-Jan-16 22:00:48

I don't understand it either.
DH reckons it might have something to do with the signage not being totally legal or some such, but it used to get enforced until about a year ago.
Suddenly, they don't seem to care anymore.

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