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AIBU to judge people on their teeth?

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MercedesDR Mon 25-Jan-16 09:14:05

Met a guy on Saturday night who just called me. I refused a date because he has a couple of missing teeth. Okay so maybe I'm shallow but it matters to me.

Why do people kid themselvesi that if teeth are gone at the back it doesn't notice? It does and it makes me cringe. So do rotting, or neglected teeth.

If you want to date, sort it out. Take out a loan if you have to!

Imnotaslimjim Mon 25-Jan-16 09:15:57


Just wow


exLtEveDallas Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:21

DH grew up in poverty, as a result his teeth are pretty awful. Thankfully I'm not a shallow wanker and could see far beyond his teeth to the man he is.

usual Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:39

YABU and shallow.

gamerchick Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:48

Man you think quite highly of yourself that people should get into debt just to be able to date you don't you?

TheGreenNinja Mon 25-Jan-16 09:16:51

Yes YABU. I have a missing tooth at the back, through no fault of my own. It was horrendously traumatic to get it fixed (failed) and removed, so there is no way on earth is have more dentistry to replace it. It's got nothing to do with money or neglect.

TheGreenNinja Mon 25-Jan-16 09:17:16

*I'd not is

PaulAnkaTheDog Mon 25-Jan-16 09:17:29

I wouldn't date anyone with a shit, shallow, vapid outlook on life. Hth.

chelle792 Mon 25-Jan-16 09:18:19

Don't judge people on their teeth. Mine are perfect - straight, white, no fillings etc. I haven't done anything special to deserve that. I'm just blessed

wasonthelist Mon 25-Jan-16 09:18:19

YANBU as long as I can judge you on your spelling and grammar -

*Why do people kid themselvesi[sic] that if teeth are gone at the back it doesn't notice[sic]?

JaneHair Mon 25-Jan-16 09:19:12

I think he had a lucky escape!

Strangeoccurence Mon 25-Jan-16 09:23:24

I didnt think ywbu at first. We all have our little preferences in people. As i read on...i started to think yabu

People usually date to find people who like them for who they are. They dont feel the need to take loans out to perfect themselves for people.

MercedesDR Mon 25-Jan-16 09:24:02

Chelle792 me too. When one of the back ones broke I paid £1000 to keep it. I care about how my mouth looks!

UntilTheCowsComeHome Mon 25-Jan-16 09:25:00

I have a missing tooth at the front of my mouth.

I had a milk tooth that never came out so it pushed the adult tooth next to it at a crooked angle. I went to an emergency dentist about something different and she offered to take it out and fit a brace if needed to finally give me straight teeth. Should have known it was too good to be true.
When she took the milk tooth out, the adult tooth came with it. She said not to worry, she'd get an implant made up for me. I had moulds taken and went off thinking at least the gap would be sorted eventually.
When I went back, the dentist had disappeared and there was no record of any moulds or work done.

I had a panic attack on the spot and haven't been able to step a foot in a dentist since.

So I have a gap. Luckily the people that matter in my life don't judge me for it. Doesn't stop me hating my reflection and crying on occasion.

Don't me so fucking judgmental op.

usual Mon 25-Jan-16 09:25:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anniegetyourgun Mon 25-Jan-16 09:25:34

YANBU to decline to date anyone for whatever reason. YABU however to judge people when you have no idea what led to their teeth having to be extracted - or are you judging them for failing to have implants (which are not always possible, especially at the back, and cost a fecking fortune)? Would you insist on seeing a full set of dental X-rays before marriage in case any of those apparently beautiful teeth were <gasp> fake?

wasonthelist Mon 25-Jan-16 09:26:14

I care about how my mouth looks!
But not about spelling or grammar - everyone has priorities, OP.

Branleuse Mon 25-Jan-16 09:26:57

wow, that guy dodged a bullet

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Mon 25-Jan-16 09:27:05

Yes yabu, my poor six year old daughters big teeth have come in looking awful, really, really yellow. Unfortunately the plaque hasn't formed due to her being ill before she was one. People like you, judging her thinking she's not got a good oral hygiene when she's great at getting teeth brushed three times a day is what stresses me out the most. Some people teeth aren't always the way they are through bad oral hygiene.

MercedesDR Mon 25-Jan-16 09:28:04

Don't mind fakes - they are better than rotting teeth or a gap.

FancyPuffin Mon 25-Jan-16 09:29:51

You sound an awful lot like that troll that posted the other day about not wanting to pay anything when on an online date.

It almost seems like you're the same person.

Oysterbabe Mon 25-Jan-16 09:30:37

It's a bit early for goady fuckery isn't it?

mrsfuzzy Mon 25-Jan-16 09:31:33

good for you for caring about your teeth, but most people would look beyond that, so most pp will judge you, me included

HoneyDragon Mon 25-Jan-16 09:31:55

Ive had 9 teeth removed, I'm gutted that you don't want to be my friend, op.

[sad face]

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