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As grammar is being discussed, this is the new Yr 6 SPAG test

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katmanwho Sun 24-Jan-16 10:13:36

AIBU to use Google to answer half of them!!

Good luck

TheSkiingGardener Sun 24-Jan-16 10:17:30

Are there some instructions missing?

katmanwho Sun 24-Jan-16 10:18:57

You don't need instructions. Maybe KS2 SPAG lessons?

AnthonyBlanche Sun 24-Jan-16 10:21:45

Not exactly difficult for an adult, very basic grammar questions.

RealHuman Sun 24-Jan-16 10:22:33

I think I can answer them, but it seems incredibly tricky for year six!

UndramaticPause Sun 24-Jan-16 10:23:37

They're easier than the local 11+ questions.

exLtEveDallas Sun 24-Jan-16 10:24:54

Yeah, instructions are missing. Pretty sure that DD did this one at school, the facing pages give instructions on what to do.

BetweenTwoLungs Sun 24-Jan-16 10:25:23

Anthony are you looking at the same thing as me? I can't see why a 10/11 year old needs to know what a relative clause is, the difference between a sub-ordinating and a co-ordinating conjunction and be able to identify the past perfect tense. And I don't think that most adults would be able to either.

I'm a y6 teacher and this test makes me angry. The time I spend teaching this stuff could be used so much more effectively when the children are so young. It's not necessary.

AgentProvocateur Sun 24-Jan-16 10:25:49

What age is year 6? I'd expect a 10 year old to be able to do most of this.

UndramaticPause Sun 24-Jan-16 10:26:10

Y6 is 10/11

foragogo Sun 24-Jan-16 10:27:22

My y6 DS could have a reasonable stab at most of those and that is about the level of the grammar component of the grammar school and independent school entrance exams round here.

KittyandTeal Sun 24-Jan-16 10:27:37

Is it me or are some of the multi choice all missing a full stop?

I bloody hate spag, this is why I'd rather teach phonics any day!

foragogo Sun 24-Jan-16 10:29:06

You saying thats right or wrong btw, just thatbit seems inline with wnat my y6 DS is expected to be able to do. Yes to the 11+ being harder, as well, which I do thibk is a bit much, but the schools are full.

UndramaticPause Sun 24-Jan-16 10:29:23

What I resent is our school spends from after Christmas until these bloody tests are sat preparing the kids for them. My dc is bored rigid

LindyHemming Sun 24-Jan-16 10:29:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UndramaticPause Sun 24-Jan-16 10:30:36

They sit them in May I think

katmanwho Sun 24-Jan-16 10:30:58

I'd expect a 10 year old to be able to do most of this


preposition phrase?
relative clause?
Q28 - with hyphens, dashes etc
Past progressive tense?
Subordinating conjuction
co-ordinating conjuction
subjunctive form?
Present perfect tense?

ArmchairTraveller Sun 24-Jan-16 10:31:56

' that is about the level of the grammar component of the grammar school and independent school entrance exams round here.'

Yes. Not the average 10 year old then. I'd set it as homework for all the parents and see what happened.

foragogo Sun 24-Jan-16 10:34:06

Oh I see, are these replacing SATs and therefore going to be given to all y6 children? They better hope the English teaching has been v v good up until y6 then I suppose.

RealHuman Sun 24-Jan-16 10:36:52

It would've made learning languages easier for me if this had been covered at junior school, but it needs to be taught from the beginning of primary, as dumping all this suddenly on y6 and making them do tedious revision is just daft. Also, a lot of this stuff is picked up heuristically by reading widely, getting back plenty of marked writing and rewriting it etc. - what strikes me here is the amount of quite technical linguistic terminology they're expected to know.

TeenAndTween Sun 24-Jan-16 10:40:31

I agree with Between .

Great to learn good grammar at primary, but the level of detail they are asking of y6 kids is over the top and unnecessary.

You need to know basics, especially to be confident with terminology for progressing with MFLs, but subordinating conjunctions v coordinating ones? Is that really something that is so important it needs to be learned age 10?

I consider myself well educated, and able to write good coherent English. Yet I keep having to look up details to help my y6 DC.

They may be easier than 11+, but that's not the point is it? For 11+ people tutor for ages. And most kids do not go to grammar or independent school.

There are far more useful things my DC's teacher could be teaching.

TeenAndTween Sun 24-Jan-16 10:42:49

what strikes me here is the amount of quite technical linguistic terminology they're expected to know

Exactly. Pointless.

TeenAndTween Sun 24-Jan-16 10:44:27

Oh and Real they are now learning more from the start of primary. It is just that this year 6 cohort only had from the start of y5, so instead of a gradual build up it is all being crammed in.

UndramaticPause Sun 24-Jan-16 10:48:59

Not everyone tutors for 11+, we didn't do anything more than exam practice and I know plenty of others who did the same. My dc sat and passed the 11+ on the knowledge they acquired through school, a state school I should add, so they are being taught this stuff.

BoboChic Sun 24-Jan-16 10:49:40

Children need to have mastered the level of grammar tested in the link in the OP before embarking on the study of MFL.

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