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To hate our most expensive bedding?

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Bellyrub1980 Sat 23-Jan-16 20:46:22

For years we have been promising ourselves some expensive/posh/luxurious new bedding. We moved house and decided to begin a philosophy for spending which was "save up until we can afford the stuff we really want (even if it takes years) rather than just buy cheap which, on several occasions, has proven to be a false economy.

Anyhoo, the time came and we were ready to buy some really nice bedding. Bearing in mind that our current bedding was plain white primark, going to Next was a big jump in price (quadruple Infact).

We also bought a feather duvet and pillows from M&S as an extra luxury (we always have these when we stay at my in laws and loved them).

Anyhoo, just put the next bedding in the wash and the old primark bedding is back on and .... OMG .... It's about 1000 times nicer!! Softer. Smoother. Cosier.

I'm now dreading putting our expensive bedding back on. It's out of the tumble dryer and genuinely think a bin liner would be less rustley.

Just goes to show expensive does not equal the best.

breezydoesit Sat 23-Jan-16 20:47:59

Ooooh where did you get your expensive bedding? YANBU sometimes the anticipation is better than the reality!

PuntasticUsername Sat 23-Jan-16 20:48:19

Oh no, that's gutting! Might settle down when it's had a few more washes?

fuckityhi Sat 23-Jan-16 20:50:06

I actually love rustley bedding. Reminds me of a hotel. My naice bedding is also rustley.

ewbank Sat 23-Jan-16 20:50:09

You just need to do some research.

I went mad and bought 600tc Egyptian cotton a few years ago.

It's great, but a bitch to iron and I hate ironing. I mean it would literally take me two hours.

So last time I bought 300tc Egyptian cotton percale easy care. It's great and actually improves with washing.

But if you lie, the primary stuff, use it! Just use whatever is comfiest.

NotSayingImBatman Sat 23-Jan-16 20:51:36

How many times has the primarily stuff been washed and tumble dried though. The new stuff will soften over time.

ewbank Sat 23-Jan-16 20:51:46


It's trial and error though, I also bought some butter soft jersey bedding a few years ago, cost about £500 for a double sized set.

Beautifully cosy but it didn't hold its shape and the pillows constantly fell out of the covers. So not bothered with it again.

NotSayingImBatman Sat 23-Jan-16 20:52:11

Primarily?! PRIMARK.

BumWad Sat 23-Jan-16 20:54:42

What it Next own brand bedding or something else? Only 100% pure cotton and above 200 TC works for us. I love Christy and Sanderson bedding they wash really well.

Corygal1 Sat 23-Jan-16 20:54:55

Primark bedding is bloody good - they went through an Egyptian Cotton 200tc phase, and my stuff from there held up for years of softness.

Good sheets will go lovely and silky after a bit, they're meant to be worn in. Stay in bed a lot to help them along. grin

Bellyrub1980 Sat 23-Jan-16 20:58:07

They were 100% cotton from next. Not sure about the thread count though....

Hang on will try to find them online...

YouAreMyRain Sat 23-Jan-16 20:58:14

Next bedding has always been rough and scratchy in my experience, especially the polycotton printed ones.

I had a next duvet cover for 10 years that never softened despite frequent washing and drying.

Now I get bedding from TKmaxx or Homesense and only ever pure cotton

YouAreMyRain Sat 23-Jan-16 20:59:32

If I were you I would take it back to the shop, if you don't get a refund then contact customer services. It's horrible when you've saved up and then you're disappointed

Tartyflette Sat 23-Jan-16 21:02:57

Second TK Maxx, also Brand Alley for 300/400 TC linens. I get them sent to an ironing place. (Loathe ironing)

Bellyrub1980 Sat 23-Jan-16 21:06:06

No longer available as from an old season I guess.

They are a grey and white thin stripe. My email doesn't state the thread count either. I guess it could be on the label though.

I shall endeavour to wash them a few more times and hope for the best.

Otherwise it's a case of saving up again! But will be more selective next time.

Is cotton sateen any good?

Bellyrub1980 Sat 23-Jan-16 21:07:49

I'm too scared to take them back! The women in my local store are really intimidating. I know I need to grow a pair and man up but, seriously, they are tough.

MadamCroquette Sat 23-Jan-16 21:13:15

You could get a primark sheet and take off the underside of the posh bedding and sew on a new underside cut from the sheet – then you would have the posh bit on top but comfy feeling underneath. (Or get alterations person to do it)

Ikea's posher stuff is also good for quality but not too expensive.

Aworldofmyown Sat 23-Jan-16 21:13:17

Just take it back. I'm a next employee and they won't argue. Just tell them you have washed it and the quality is awful.

These are lovely

Aworldofmyown Sat 23-Jan-16 21:14:11

Oh and I have cotton sateen bedding from Next, it is much softer and cosy.

BumWad Sat 23-Jan-16 21:14:21

Take it back next are great with refunds

BumWad Sat 23-Jan-16 21:14:34

I've had rubbish bedding from Next before as well

Needfinsnow Sat 23-Jan-16 21:15:53

Next aren't even expensive!! (Admittedly I have no primark remotely near!), my next bedding has been used and loved for at least 10 years, my "expensive" bedding is my Laura Ashley sets, totally worth the big money and so luxurious, or white company ones..

Philoslothy Sat 23-Jan-16 21:17:25

Next is not great bedding, overpriced and scratchy. You would better off in a department store or TkMaxx. To be honest a supermarket would probably offer something better for less.

Armi Sat 23-Jan-16 21:23:32

I like John Lewis stuff. Plain white from their 'House' range with a brushed cotton fitted sheet. I wish I was tucked up in it now instead of marking exercise books. (This is what dry January has reduced me to doing with my Saturday nights.)

Haggisfish Sat 23-Jan-16 21:26:29

Tk maxx or ikea here, too.

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