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To move from a period house to a modern new development?

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marghini Sat 23-Jan-16 18:06:08

So DP and I are seriously considering to move into a new development. It is being built atm and will be ready by June.

We currently live in a tiny one-bedroom flat in a lovely period terrace house in West London. We love it here but our commute to work is pretty rubbish so we'd like to move somewhere else.

The flat we are considering is a big 2 bedroom flat in East London and our commute to work would be less than 20 mins from there.

I am a bit worried I will miss the village vibe and historical character of the neighborhood where I live now. I really love it, but realistically it is not very affordable in the long run, especially if we wanted to move somewhere bigger.

The new flat would be much nicer and bigger and it would come with many nice facilities (gym, swimming pool, garden, sauna, residents club).

I"ll attach a couple of renderings of the project for reference.

AIBU to leave a period house in West London for a modern high-rise new development in East London?

mypoorbottee Sat 23-Jan-16 18:13:24


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