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Interesting how one persons relationship happy is another's 'WTF are you doing get of me!'

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HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:27:54

So on the Facebook a series of pictures keep cropping up with the caption

Happiness in a couple's life, summed up in these drawings that remind us that it's a lot easier than we think it is!

You don't always have to do great things to be happy!

I looked them and rather than go "aaaw yeah",I was more "nope!"

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:29:07

Nope! Do that whilst I'm chopping your likely to get a panicked elbow to the rib cage.

Cleensheetsandbedding Wed 20-Jan-16 17:30:22

Depends what mood I'm in or how hot i am.

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:31:24

And just a big "Hell No"

Am I unreasonably devoid of simple romantic pleasures?

Do you all like hugs when operating dangerous implements and using sharpened blades near your significant others throats?

Is that love now? confused

AnUtterIdiot Wed 20-Jan-16 17:32:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:32:43

So a risky undertaking unless you are well forewarned then Cleen? grin

Cutecat78 Wed 20-Jan-16 17:33:02

OH once decided to give my bum a good slap while I was lighting the fire ... hmm

Pipbin Wed 20-Jan-16 17:33:13

Hugging while I'm doing stuff? No, fuck off. I'm in the middle of stuff here and the pan is going to boil over.

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:34:31

Oh thank fuck, I'm clearly not a heartless shrew.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 20-Jan-16 17:34:35

I don't think any of those cartoon people are happy.
They have that miserable, downtrodden slouchiness.

whatdoIget Wed 20-Jan-16 17:35:59

The picture of the tight hug round the middle while she's trying to cook makes me shudder. Claustrophobic!!

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:36:00

Here they are being simply in love on the worlds least comfortable looking sofa.

We are meant to learn from them.

HoneyDragon Wed 20-Jan-16 17:37:37


CatThiefKeith Wed 20-Jan-16 17:38:36

Dh wouldn't let me anywhere near him with a razor. Not that I can blame him really, given that I'm very a bit clumsy.

Cutecat78 Wed 20-Jan-16 17:40:00

They look like they are sat in a crack den.

MrsKoala Wed 20-Jan-16 17:40:03

That looks like the bomb shelter from a 1980s 'what to do in the event of a nuclear' bomb pamphlet. They look like they're anxiously watching the news and thinking 'oh fuck, my last moments are spent with this dipshit, i thought i had more time...' Or am i just projecting? blush

sallysparrow157 Wed 20-Jan-16 17:40:50

So the one time it would be sensible to cuddle or at least have some physical contact they're not touching or looking at each other?

BrianButterfield Wed 20-Jan-16 17:41:22

I've seen those before and I just wonder why she cries so much?

CatThiefKeith Wed 20-Jan-16 17:41:50

That spiral staircase looks like a death trap. Is he trying to bump her off for the insurance?

Finola1step Wed 20-Jan-16 17:41:54

I do not like the way those bookshelves protrude from the wall in pic 3. "They'll have your eye out" as my dm would say.

The quick cuddle in the kitchen, fine. Stay for more than a few seconds and it will get right on my nerves.

The shaving one.. Not a chance. Unless dh was very poorly. But then I wouldn't want dh doing my hair.

I think they're drifting apart in picture 3. Look how that popcorn isn't being shared.

SaucyJack Wed 20-Jan-16 17:42:08

That second one looks like an alien abduction.

MrsKoala Wed 20-Jan-16 17:42:45

I once asked DH to clipper my undercarriage when i was heavily pregnant. It was NOT a romantic bonding experience. shock

MaisieDotes Wed 20-Jan-16 17:43:33

That looks ultra-claustrophobic and why is the tap on.

MagicDucky Wed 20-Jan-16 17:44:00

This was my reaction too HoneyDragon!

MaisieDotes Wed 20-Jan-16 17:44:46

No to the second one too. I've enough of my own shaving to do, ta.

Third one... Ok but I'd rather wait until after the wall had been painted before we sat down for a break.

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