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To LTB for this (lighthearted)

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Iloveonionchutney Tue 19-Jan-16 18:34:25

I just saw my husband in the kitchen doing some serious John Travolta style dance moves to Uptown Funk ( And not in a good way).
He doesn't know I saw him, I'm now hiding pissing myself laughing in the loo trying to work out if I can ever look at him without bursting out laughing again grin

bornwithaplasticspoon Tue 19-Jan-16 18:46:33

He sounds like a great bloke - keep him!

Theoldcauliflower Tue 19-Jan-16 18:48:19

Haha I love it, it shows he's happy op grin

BeverlyGoldberg Tue 19-Jan-16 18:50:52

He sounds controlling - LTB! ...or more accurately ...

... Next time video him for blackmailing purposes

Iloveonionchutney Tue 19-Jan-16 18:51:51

I'm glad the kids didn't see, I don't know how they would get over the trauma!

JenEric Tue 19-Jan-16 18:54:35

Mine once grew facial hair that made him look like he was in the village people. It lasted 3 days before he got bored of myself (and good friends) doing ymca moves every time we went past him...

ChampaleSocialist Tue 19-Jan-16 18:58:48

Aaaw, thats adorable smile

Just whatever you do dont think about it next time you're shagging.

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