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sil has changed Facebook pic to my deceased dog

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FarterChristmoose Mon 18-Jan-16 11:43:54

We had to have our dog pts on Friday. She was older than my kids and we had her at 8 weeks old, so very much missed. As a tribute my husband and I changed our FB pics to one of the dog. This morning I noticed my sil has used the same pic as her profile pic. She hardly ever saw the dog. Can't decide if its weird she's done it or think its sweet.

So which do you think? Weird or sweet?

Meht Mon 18-Jan-16 11:45:19


Quinoa20 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:45:38

Very weird sad

flowers for the loss of your lovely doggie xxx

steppedonlego Mon 18-Jan-16 11:46:05

I would go for sweet. Even if she didn't know the dog, she's obviously trying to show solidarity with you and acknowledge how painful the loss of your pet would have been to you.

Sorry for your loss flowers

NNalreadyinuse Mon 18-Jan-16 11:48:25

I think she is trying to show support, so a 'sweet' from me

PaulAnkaTheDog Mon 18-Jan-16 11:49:01

Sounds sweet to me.

Seeyounearertime Mon 18-Jan-16 11:50:51

misguided but sweet id say

also, sympathies for the loss of your family member.
I miss every dog i have ever owned but smile whenever i think of them.

Hihohoho1 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:51:19

Sweet and so sorry about your dog. It's heartbreaking isn't it.

coffeetasteslikeshit Mon 18-Jan-16 11:51:42

Definitely sweet, she's doing it for you, to show that she cares that you're hurting. Unless there's a backstory of her being a complete bitch grin

flowers for you. My beloved dog died in June and it's awful.

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Mon 18-Jan-16 11:51:47

Weirdly sweet?

Overstepping but coming from the right place?

I'd try and think of it like that rather than muscling in on your grief but yeah, a little weird.

flowers sorry for your loss

Sunflowers22 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:53:50

I think it's sweet but will appear misguided to you in your current situation. I'm really sorry for your loss.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 18-Jan-16 11:54:03

What's she usually like? I think a bit weird but if well intentioned then also quite sweet.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 18-Jan-16 11:54:26

PS sorry for your loss flowers

NeedACleverNN Mon 18-Jan-16 11:55:06

Weirdly sweet I think....

I personally wouldn't like it as I would feel they were after sympathy themselves but i can understand why they did it

Sorry for your loss

I had my dog put down 2 years ago and I still miss him like crazy

Leelu6 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:58:19

Depends. Does she indulge in 'competitive grief'? (A term I have picked up on MN grin

bringambuy Mon 18-Jan-16 11:59:26

Sorry about your dog sad

I think it's sweet but a bit over familiar. I have a friend who does stuff all the time like that on FB, people have different boundaries about what's appropriate. In fact she wrote a post about how sad she was that my cat had died before I'd told the rest of the family!

Janeymoo50 Mon 18-Jan-16 12:01:13

Not sure, but I am going with supporting you. So sorry about you dog, what was he called?

WonderingAspie Mon 18-Jan-16 12:02:22

Weird. The dog was nothing to do with her and she hardly ever saw it, why would she use it as her picture?! I wasn't happy when my SIL made a baby picture of DS her profile picture, she hardly ever saw him and paid no attention when she did. I don't use DCs photos as my profile picture so I don't expect others to either.

Sweetdreamsforall Mon 18-Jan-16 12:03:56

Sounds strangely sweet to me too, like she's trying to show support.

If she'd done nothing or worse still changed it to a new selfie you might think she didn't care and she's probably conscious of this.

So sorry for your loss op flowers

Gobbolino6 Mon 18-Jan-16 12:04:35

Weird AND sweet.

anjpink Mon 18-Jan-16 12:13:33

she just showing that she is in unison with you both, i had my dog pts a couple years ago still talk / think about him now.
its heart breaking i said i would find it easier to put the kids down wink
( joking)
shes just saying in her way shes feeling sorry for you

SevenOfNineTrue Mon 18-Jan-16 12:14:37

Sounds like she is trying to be supportive.

Tamirwen Mon 18-Jan-16 12:19:29

I guess it depends on your relationship. If you barely know her, she could be the sort of person who's going to use the pic to gain attention from her own followers ('A dog in our family has passed, so sad, click me click me.')

But then I can't work out why someone who was close to you would do this either. If one of your friends died they wouldn't steal their pic to use as their own.

BreakfastLunchPasta Mon 18-Jan-16 12:20:58

I'm so sorry about your dog flowers

She's trying to show you she knows how important the loss of your dog is.

MissingPanda Mon 18-Jan-16 12:26:15

From the information you give I think she's done it with good intentions. It is a bit weird but is meant to be sweet iyswim.

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