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to feel a bit anxious that I was wasting time

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buildingafootieteam Mon 18-Jan-16 11:09:33

Baby (6 months) has a Viral illness, wasn't too bothered older brothers have it too. Last night his breathing went very rapid (58 resp/min) so I rang ooh doc. They didn't want to see him said straight to a+e. So in at 4 am to a+e. They told me in the hospital it was normal resp rate for up to 6 month old (he's over 6 months) and kept telling me it's a viral illness. I know all that I was sent in by ooh! Sent home again less than an hour after arriving not complaining about that btw telling me breathing is fine but it's rapid. Made me feel like a total time waster. WIBU?

AlwaysHopeful1 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:12:54

Baby is so tiny, off course you needed to be reassured and checked he is ok. Dont worry about it. Hope he feels better. X

thecitydoc Mon 18-Jan-16 11:15:19

not unreasonable at all - you went to A&E on recommendations of a Dr and the A&E staff will not regard you as a time waster

Etak15 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:17:27

No you weren't, resp rate was out of normal range and that's why ooh's dr advised you to go to a&e. Maybe when they assessed the situation as a whole at a n e they felt that given his virus maybe having temp etc, then it is likely that that resp rate is high. It wouldn't have hurt for them to send you home with some salbutamol for him though, or to have tried a nebuliser while he was there just to help him out a bit. How is he today?

buildingafootieteam Mon 18-Jan-16 11:33:23

Thanks all. I was raised with a DM who didn't bring us to doctor for anything! And DH thought I was overreacting.
Etak he's very listless and temp high no matter what I do to bring it down. Hopefully he'll be in the mend soon,was about 48 hours for the other 2 DC

Etak15 Mon 18-Jan-16 12:05:44

Were you happy that he had a good enough examination in a n e chest, ears etc? I'm sure they did but just thinking if not maybe get emergency appt at gps today in case of any underlying infection, hope he gets better soon.

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