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AIBU to ask you which topic should this post be in really ?

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Interesting2016 Sun 17-Jan-16 18:19:22

I have been cramping today and had a ongoing but very light brown bleed this afternoon. Not very much but it is worrying me, I have no idea what it is or could be ?

I am a regular poster with new name. Poo Troll, Narnia etc.

My last period was two weeks ago and bright red bleeding as normal.
My next period is not due for another two weeks.
I am very regular monthly cycles. I am never early or late.
I have biological children (none very young...being vague here ok)
I am 42 yo.
We have finished our family and DH has had the snip two years ago. So I am not on any form of contraception.

I have googled and suggestions run from illness, pregnancy or menopause, which all seem a bit unlikely. AIBU to ask which topic I should repost this question into ?

Angelto5 Sun 17-Jan-16 18:21:56

General health?

rosewithoutthorns Sun 17-Jan-16 18:24:49


I personally wouldn't worry. You're describing old blood, being brown. Which is perfectly normal sometimes in between periods.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 17-Jan-16 18:24:59

Well it definitely doesn't belong in AIBU, I'd say either conception although you're not actually ttc but they seem quite knowledgeable about the body over there, Also chat is a great place, full of members with all sorts of life experience who could possibly help you. I can't think where else it would be suited to.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 17-Jan-16 18:25:38

Oh I didn't know there was a health section. You certainly learn something everyday

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sun 17-Jan-16 18:25:41

I had this. My GP said it was the 'last shout' of my ovaries on the way to completing the menopause. It was like a period, but not. Crazy sensitive boobs came with it - and the whole thing was over in 2 or 3 days. It's never happened again. However - between my last period and this event was a clear year which I see you've not had. General Health can be a good topic but sometimes stuff can go unanswered for aaaaaaaaages!

Interesting2016 Sun 17-Jan-16 18:29:22

I did see the Health board but no one has posted in two days and I wanted an answer today.

Will try conception, even though I am 99% sure that is not the answer. I wondered if it was a getting older thing.

rosewithoutthorns Sun 17-Jan-16 18:35:56

Im 53 and it probably/almost definitely is an age thing. Its certainly nothing to worry about, as I said brown blood is old blood and your last period was two weeks ago. As we get older we "secrete" less and it takes longer for the blood to be expelled.

AuntieStella Sun 17-Jan-16 18:38:33

There is a Menopause topic, and a premature menopause chat/support thread in it (only intermittently active though). Premature menopause is usually defined as under 45.

There are quite a lot of reasons for mid-cycle spotting/bleeding. I think you probably need to go and see your GP, and vaguely hope for a gynae referral for a once over.

AuntieStella Sun 17-Jan-16 18:40:38

Interesting2016 Sun 17-Jan-16 21:43:00


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