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To think right wing small c conservatives are winging the debate all over the Western World.

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AmyWatt1972 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:43:17

Social Conservatives (not necessarily torys) are doing well across countries across the world.

Trump is likely to be the next republican candidate and if certain polls are right could win up to 43 states.

In Britain the no EU poll is surging ahead and I heard on the big questions that only 7% of women are feminists. Polls are also showing that the public is taking conservative stances on refugees and monarchy.

Aibu to think 2015 was the year the left wing lost the argument and 2016 the year real conservatism is brought back to life.

P.S Thanks Corbyn and The Guardian.

SuperSofiaL Sun 17-Jan-16 17:45:30

7% of British women feminist biscuitbiscuitbiscuit

ghostyslovesheep Sun 17-Jan-16 17:45:57

no smile

and if you think Trump is mildly conservative you are deluded !

AmyWatt1972 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:47:05

Winning not winging.

AmyWatt1972 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:48:05

Trump is a conservative (not Tory), he opposed mass immigration and wants to preserve Christian values.

BIWI Sun 17-Jan-16 17:48:27

And your point is?

ghostyslovesheep Sun 17-Jan-16 17:50:27

yeah he also want to round up Muslims and throw out Mexicans - not very small C

But yes - your point is?

I'm long enough in the tooth to have seen all this before - several times - politics wax and wane and normal service is usually restored eventually

AmyWatt1972 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:53:10

That Marxist causes are no longer accepted by the British public and people are sick of their snobby opinions on ordinary people.

They have lost and every time their is a terror incident or a Cologne incident it shows just how wrong and dangerous the left is.

ghostyslovesheep Sun 17-Jan-16 17:55:31

okay then smile

I'll leave you to your 'debate' - funny AIBU if you've already decided

OTheHugeManatee Sun 17-Jan-16 17:56:23

Back when the Berlin Wall fell, what happened was that the capitalists won the economic argument and the Marxists ended up with the cultural one, as a kind of booby prize. The effects of this can be seen 30 years later in the way our culture combines predatory capitalism with a Marxian view of ideology, power and oppressed 'identities'.

If that division is now being challenged - questioning free markets, questioning cultural Marxism - then I think that's a good thing.

ilovesooty Sun 17-Jan-16 17:58:23

Oh dear. I can't see an intelligent debate on the horizon here.

ilovesooty Sun 17-Jan-16 17:59:31

Apologies to Manatee who I respect even if I don't agree with you. flowers

MuttonDressedAsMutton Sun 17-Jan-16 18:00:04

So - errrr - can one be conservative (with whatever sized 'C') without being a Tory? I'm not sure you've made that clear enough. Not that anything in your post is clear so don't be thinking you're the next great political thinker of our time!

ComposHatComesBack Sun 17-Jan-16 18:01:02

No, what is happening is that multichannel TV and internet allows you to consume news that reflects your own views.

All that you've proved is that you really don't understand how opinion polling works and how easy it is to manipulate a poll.

This article explains how polling can be shaped by the method used can produce very different results.

stampedingthefields Sun 17-Jan-16 18:02:54

I certainly think there's been a shift to right wing policies, which isn't reflected on here of course.

ComposHatComesBack Sun 17-Jan-16 18:03:58

yeah he also want to round up Muslims and throw out Mexicans - not very small C

No, Trump is a colossal C.

Ineedtimeoff Sun 17-Jan-16 18:05:56

left wing views = snobby?
How did you work that out? confused

conservatives most certainly haven't won the debate with me or in the rest of Scotland.

AmyWatt1972 Sun 17-Jan-16 18:12:06

Emily Thornberry is a snob and left wing. Most Guardian readers I have met have been snobs who look down on working class people.

Scotland is an exception but it has always been attracted to the far left.

BIWI Sun 17-Jan-16 18:15:14

How dreary you are.

Atenco Sun 17-Jan-16 18:16:51

Yes, you are right, OP, fascism is on the rise. I'm glad it at least makes you happy.

ComposHatComesBack Sun 17-Jan-16 18:18:02

Social Conservatives (not necessarily torys) are doing well across countries across the world.

You don't understand what is meant by socially conservative. It doesn't mean you are on the right politically.

A labour voting devout Catholic would have left wing political views but may well be a social conservative on matters like equal marriage, abortion or premarital sex.

Likewise a rabidly free market conservative may take a libertarian view that it is none of the state's business who someone marries, takes drugs or does to their body.

You seem confused op.

TheCatsMeow Sun 17-Jan-16 18:28:18

OP since when have the left looked down on the working class?

Proud socialist here I'm afraid smile

ilovesooty Sun 17-Jan-16 18:31:59

OP "Which newspaper do you read?"
Other person "The Guardian usually"
OP "I knew as soon as I met you that you were a snob. My first impressions are never wrong"


stampedingthefields Sun 17-Jan-16 18:41:07

I think it is fair to say that a faction of the left - which can indeed be characterised by Guardian readership - look down on the working classes.

They look down on a class of people who are concerned by the level of immigration as it directly affects both their wages and their way of life and band them racist. They look down on those who shun benefit payouts for work and seek to loftily inform them that benefits claimants are innocent victims, whereas those who actually work are uppity and need taking down a peg or two.

They have nothing to offer those who work.

It's small wonder the working class have therefore turned away in disgust to UKIP.

Mistigri Sun 17-Jan-16 18:41:31

Anyone who uses Breitbart as a source, and who describes Trump as a "small c conservative" is talking out of their backside.

If any US presidential candidate deserves to be described as a small c conservative then in many respects it's probably Hillary. And possibly Kasich on the republican side. The rest of them are libertarians, evangelists, circus acts and crooks.

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