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To think work can't expect me to come in

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Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:33:28

Basicly my Ds has just come out in chicken pox
I have never had them even as a child. At work my collegue is pregnant and has never had them.
I am on probation as just started the job. I had to take a week off for a kidney infection earlier and have been warned about my absence. My overall boss has been great but we have trustees who are a stickler for the rules etc.
What the hell happens now, i can't go in and potential infect a pregnant lady but how would this be recorded. I am not ill. Any advice or has anyone been in this position.

99percentchocolate Sun 17-Jan-16 17:37:21

Hmm that's a tricky one. The infectious period is before any spots show up if I'm right (not medical so could well be wrong)
I would phone work or go in first thing, avoid the pregnant lady if going in, explain the situation to your manager and the possible consequences should pregnant lady catch it, and maybe let them decide. They'll likely send you home or move you to work in a different office or area. If they send you home then you can point out that you were sent home if they bring it up later.
Disclaimer: I'm not medical not do I have HR training. It's just what I would do.

IfItIsntOkItIsntTheEnd Sun 17-Jan-16 17:37:39

You might need a full 3 weeks off to know you wont be infectious? Doubt many work places would accept that!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 17-Jan-16 17:39:21

If you're on probation and you've already been warned, you're going to have to go in.

If you know your pregnant colleague well enough to know she hasn't had chicken pox, can you warn her?

I imagine that they'll let her work from home/work from elsewhere to keep you apart. She'd be entitled to ask for that as a reasonable adjustment in pregnancy.

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jan-16 17:39:30

What environment do you work in

Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:40:59

It's small organisation with one office and the lady in question is one of my team of 3.

EdithWeston Sun 17-Jan-16 17:41:44

The NHS does not specify a quarantine period for chicken pox, so you would probably have to take this as annual leave.

You will need to cover the full 3 week incubation period Or you may as well not do it at all.

Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:42:14

I have texted her to warn her.
I only know she has not had chicken pox as we where all talking about it the other day

MotherKat Sun 17-Jan-16 17:42:39

She cannot be penalised for absence, they should send her home.

fastdaytears Sun 17-Jan-16 17:42:44

Can either your or pregnant colleague work from home?

ghostyslovesheep Sun 17-Jan-16 17:42:46

You go in - you inform you boss - you inform your PG colleague - who may or may not have had chicken pox - and you don't lick her or cough on her

I have never had chicken pox - I am 46 and have nursed 4 children (mindees) plus my own 3 through it - I am guessing I am immune

You can't have another week off unless you want to loose your job

Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:43:16

Our annual leave comes to an end in March and only have one week left.
I have let her know and my manager just waiting for a reply.

ilovesooty Sun 17-Jan-16 17:43:41

If you go in who looks after your son?

I think what Anchor said is right.

ImperialBlether Sun 17-Jan-16 17:43:41

She should be the one to stay off, not you.

Amara123 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:46:04

Phone your local health protection unit, they will advise on exclusion. Also your work, if they have occ health, should have a policy for this.

Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:46:20

So I may have the choice of losing my job or going in and potentially infecting a pregnant lady.
The advice given on mumsnet is to avoid pregnant women like the plague when you have been exposed to chicken pox and are not immune. I couldn't live with myself if she did catch it and something happened.

rosewithoutthorns Sun 17-Jan-16 17:48:11

I think you're being over dramatic OP. Go to work.

Dollymixtureyumyum Sun 17-Jan-16 17:48:11

My husband has already contacted his boss and is taken parental leave unless I am told I can't go in

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jan-16 17:48:27

I'd not had it. Had a blood test at GP when pregnant and found out I was immune after all.

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:15

Rose the op is right though that tends to be the advice on threads about cp.

ilovesooty Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:24

No. If your employer has any sense they'll take advice and probably tell your colleague to stay at home.

LavenderLedge Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:33

Can she go to her GP and get immunised asap?

AlwaysHopeful1 Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:42

The advice given on mumsnet is to avoid pregnant women like the plague when you have been exposed to chicken pox and are not immune.

I'm pretty sure your employer isnt going to care what mm thinks. hmmGo in, speak to your employer and let them make the decision.

bikingintherain Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:52

The pregnant lady could phone her midwife and arrange to be tested for immunity.

I didn't know if I had had it or not when pregnant, so when I came into contact with it that was what my midwife did. It could then save unnecessary worry/time off from either of you.

Alibabsandthe40Musketeers Sun 17-Jan-16 17:49:53

She should be the one to stay at home I think, not you. I think you have to present it that way to your work 'I am letting you know so that she can avoid the office', rather than seemingly like you are trying to get out of going to work yourself.

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