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Bubble wrap that doesn't pop

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insancerre Sun 17-Jan-16 11:48:53

Its not right is it?
Dh has lots of it
The bubbles are huge
But they don't pop. Its impossible to burst them. Believe me, I've tried
I feel bereft
He is laughing. He says its a good thing as its annoying when people pop bubble wrap
Shall I LTB?

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sun 17-Jan-16 11:51:14

Yes LTB.

I had something delivered and it came in this bubble wrap from hell. If you look closely you'll see the bubbles are actually linked, so the air moves between them.

Ruined my bloody Christmas that shit did sad

BertieBotts Sun 17-Jan-16 11:52:33

I bet it would pop if you held down several at once.

insancerre Sun 17-Jan-16 11:56:21

He has moved it into the garage now
He knows I can't go in there because of the spiders
Can life get any worse?

FithColumnist Sun 17-Jan-16 12:23:34

Yes, LTB. Such things are of the Devil.

honeysucklejasmine Sun 17-Jan-16 12:24:53

I'd take a pin to the bastard.

The bubble wrap, that is.

knobblyknee Sun 17-Jan-16 12:26:25

I'd buy my own proper bubble wrap just to show him.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sun 17-Jan-16 12:27:32

Doesn't work Bertie and god knows enough of us tried sad

Gruntfuttock Sun 17-Jan-16 12:30:04

I received something packed with that non-poppable bubble wrap recently. To say I was outraged is an understatement. I am appalled that your DH thinks it's funny. Of course you should LTB. After all, it's not as if it's a trivial matter!

insancerre Sun 17-Jan-16 12:30:17

Which evil person invented bubble wrap that doesn't pop?
And why?😭

Gruntfuttock Sun 17-Jan-16 12:32:30

Obviously a sadist insancerre

ThroughThinkandThing Sun 17-Jan-16 12:56:26

Crime against humanity first world problem...

Also, LTB - he laughed at you?

nocoolnamesleft Sun 17-Jan-16 15:52:08

If it's the great big bubble wrap, have you tried stamping on it?

InternetKilledTheVideoStar Sun 17-Jan-16 15:53:27

Take a pin to it!

ProcrastinatorGeneral Sun 17-Jan-16 15:55:29

I have a roll of bubble wrap I was going to bin, I can donate it if needed insancerre? That'll learn the bastard! grin

SoupDragon Sun 17-Jan-16 15:56:02

If you fold it up and then twist it in your hands, does that pop it?

emotionsecho Sun 17-Jan-16 15:57:04

I recall seeing something on the news last year about this invention of non-poppable bubble wrap, I must admit that I was struck dumb in disbelief and planned all manner of evil endings for the inventors.

SoupDragon Sun 17-Jan-16 15:57:23

By a strange coincidence, DD has just finished popping s long length of bubble wrap I found down the side of the wardrobe. She stood on one end and then slid her other foot away (if I did this it would cause great injury to my hips and pelvic area I think)

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 17-Jan-16 15:59:25

It's not because it annoys people - it protects things better if it doesn't pop, it means stress points won't weaken. To pop it, you have to stop the air from being able to escape into a nearby bubble...

Poppable bubble wrap is much better. Buy tons of it and make him pay. Then sit popping it to your hearts content grin

insancerre Sun 17-Jan-16 16:07:35

I might buy a job lot from amazon
I wonder if it comes wrapped in bubble wrap?

Gruntfuttock Sun 17-Jan-16 19:30:46

nocoolnamesleft "If it's the great big bubble wrap, have you tried stamping on it?"

No, it's not that. Nothing will pop it this new type. It's an outrage. sad

ProcrastinatorGeneral Sun 17-Jan-16 20:13:21

Gratuitous bubble wrap porn.

jonquil1 Sun 17-Jan-16 21:17:00

Non-popping bubble wrap? What fresh hell is this? Does no-one think of the children?

(Yep, one Christmas a square of bubble wrap was included in our son's stocking...loud shouts from big sister that it wasn't fair that he had some and she didn't grin)

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Sun 17-Jan-16 21:23:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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