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To silently fume at new neighbours over parking?

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Nokidsnellie Sat 16-Jan-16 16:26:09

We moved to a new house in November with only on-street parking outside. Limited spaces but public highway.
We currently have a broken car which we are waiting for the scrap man to collect (won't start) and park our second car near that.
Our neighbours are knocking on our door constantly to move the car, saying basically we're BU having two cars when they only have one. We don't park in the space outside their house to be considerate.

Having lived in London and other parking-nightmare places, I just feel it's first up best dressed. If there were no spaces we would park up the road and not moan. That's life.

Just don't need the petty squabbles with a new neighbour tbh!

steff13 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:29:26

How long before the scrap man comes to get it?

balletgirlmum Sat 16-Jan-16 16:29:43

Is the scrap car taxed & insured? If so YANBU.

GruntledOne Sat 16-Jan-16 16:30:42

Seriously, how long does it take for a scrap man to collect a dead car? If you've got one who is dragging his feet, just find another one.

TheFutureMrsB Sat 16-Jan-16 16:31:27

I think if there's not enough room for your 2 cars outside your house so you are parking outside theirs then yabu sorry.

WickedWax Sat 16-Jan-16 16:32:03

As long as your crap car is taxed and insured then YANBU.

londonrach Sat 16-Jan-16 16:33:21

As long as the car is taxed and insured ignore them. If not you cant park a car that isnt taxed and insured as its illegal. If a private road different rules.

Sedona123 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:34:33

What Gruntledone said. It shouldn't take the scrap man more than a day or two to collect it. If it has been more than that, call someone else.

Ruthiesj Sat 16-Jan-16 16:34:47

They are being unreasonable, even if you were parked in front of their house. If there's no off street parking or allocated spaces, it is a case of first come, first served. They are being petty.

bornwithaplasticspoon Sat 16-Jan-16 16:37:22

There are no rules on on street parking so you're doing nothing wrong. However, a car that isn't in use taking up a space in a road where space is at a premium is rather inconsiderate.

OddBoots Sat 16-Jan-16 16:39:41

Legally you are doing nothing wrong (provided it is taxed and insured) but it isn't very neighbourly, especially if it has taken more than a couple of days to get the scrap car taken away.

Blu Sat 16-Jan-16 16:39:59

Your neighbours are BU. And irritating.

GruntledOne Sat 16-Jan-16 16:41:00

As usual we are getting the standard MN "If it's not against the law you can do what you like" response on here. Yes, if the dead car is taxed and insured then legally you are entitled to park it there and take up another space with your second car. Indeed, legally you are allowed to have 20 cars parked in that road. However, back in the real world it makes sense to treat your neighbours with a degree of consideration and avoid unnecessary disputes with them.

If you can't get the dead car towed in the very near future, I would suggest you explain the situation to the neighbours and make it clear that you are doing the best to sort the matter out and, ideally, say when you're shifting the other car. In the meantime, don't park your second car in their space but vary where you put it; it might be tactful sometimes to park it in another nearby road.

Bogeyface Sat 16-Jan-16 16:41:08

Its a public highway, as long as the cars are legally parked then its every man for himself.

Its annoying when there is no parking outside your house, but if you want your own private space then you have to pay extra for a house with a drive. If, like us, you cant afford that then you have to suck it up.

I am more zen about parking these days, having lived for 16 in a terrace where parking is at a premium!

expatinscotland Sat 16-Jan-16 16:43:08

Just tell them you are waiting for it to be scraped. And for them to go away.

Bogeyface Sat 16-Jan-16 16:45:57

16 years

There is a parking arsehole a few doors down and tbh I dont see why he gets so wound up. He can always park on the street just not right outside his house, the same as the rest of us. It gets his blood pressure high but doesnt actually solve anything.

Maybe I am just getting too old to care about this shit!

Cleensheetsandbedding Sat 16-Jan-16 16:47:26

Lost sympathy when you said it was your second car.

Get it moved

Ruthiesj Sat 16-Jan-16 16:49:26

GruntledOne, the OP said their cars are not parked in front of the neighbour's house (which you seem to consider the neighbour's space - it isn't). While two cars parked might be a little frustrating when you're struggling to find a space, it's not excessive and is a temporary issue. It's people like the neighbour who make it awkward to have visitors with their perceived entitlement to park outside their house at all times.

Arfarfanarf Sat 16-Jan-16 16:49:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nokidsnellie Sat 16-Jan-16 16:50:08

We've been let down twice (different people) for it being collected and explained that to neighbour. Called someone else today and the promised by Wednesday. Car is taxed and insured.

We vary where we park it but have two very bouncy Labs on a main road, so try to keep nearish the house. My OH parks his works car on another road.

I get it's a PITA when you can't park outside your house, but didn't complain for the first month when his builder parked outside ours all day when we were moving! Or when their kids are screaming outside our house every day.

I just think they are trying to bully is a bit as the newbies.

Nokidsnellie Sat 16-Jan-16 16:51:01


RJnomore1 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:57:24

Tell them to buy another car 😕


fourkids Sat 16-Jan-16 16:58:01

YANBU. I'd just apologise and ignore if it were me tbh. You say 'we' so presumably there are two or more of you? Lots of people have a car each...what if you had two working cars? would they be complaining that they couldn't afford/choose not to have two cars and therefore nor should you? Are they jealous? Their behaviour is a bit weird imo...

Presumably they have never lived somewhere where it is the norm to have to park on the next street (or further) and where you consider yourself lucky to find a space outside your house...maybe they need to try that, or if they feel they need the God-given right to park outside their house, they need to buy a house with a drive.

for some reason their unreasonableness towards you (a total stranger) has made me feel a bit grumpy!

RJnomore1 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:58:01

Why are you explaining yourself ffs!

Give them this face 😕

fourkids Sat 16-Jan-16 16:58:59

I don't think your OH should park his car on another road deliberately. If there is space, he should park it as near as possible to your house.

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