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AIBU to request my medical notes after emergency csection?

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Firstmum24 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:14:28

This may turn out a bit long winded so will try to keep to the facts.

I moved from northern scotland to central belt at week 32 of my pregnancy. Due to this my care was transferred from Highlands and Islands NHS to Ayrshire & Arran NHS
Pregnancy was healthy except low iron which was sorted with iron tablets 3xdaily.
At week 28 i had my bump measured. I knew it was going to raise an issue because I was HUGE!!! Not all over, i gained a little weight all over but my bump was humungous. Lo and Behold I was measuring big (3weeks further on than my gestation period. i.e was measuring 31 weeks at 28week measurement) Was sent for a growth scan. Growth scan showed that my fluid level was more than usual so would have to get an app with consultant. The Sonographer explained at the scan that there were a number of causes and that the condition was called polyhydramnios? Not much else was said at that time other than to make an app with consultant. Because of the area we lived and had to travel to app the measurement was taken wk28, growth scan was just before wk30 and meeting with consultant was wk32.
When i went to the meeting with the consultant i explained that I had to travel up to the app as i had moved to Ayrshire the day before. at which point she said there was nothing she would do as i was no longer in her care. She left the room about 3mins after entering. I was shocked and really upset as I had panicked myself about the Polyhydramnios (having googled it - idiot!)
I had an app on the monday to register with the Ayrshire and Arran NHS and had 'Booking app' to get me in their system the following week. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with a condition that i have only read about online, no other information was given to me by my healthcare professionals.
At the booking app the midwife was great and got me an app for the next day with a scan and the consultant. I was measured at this booking app and was measuring a week further than gestation (measured 35wk and wk34)
The next day i had to wait two hours before i got my scan as 'there was a problem with the machine' before i was hurried in and out in about five minutes - the shortest scan i had been in thus far. I had to actually tell the monographer that i was 34 weeks pregnant and that i was in because i had polyhydromnios, which needs monitoring. I then hotfoot it along the corridor to the app with the consultant who exclaims that the fluid level from my 5min scan is normal and she was clearing me for green pathway care.
I was so relieved, she explained all about polyhydromnios and told me that i didn't have it - i was just carrying a big baby.
Fast forward to 39, 40, 41 and 42 (!!!) week pregnant midwife appointments and every time i went i measured big, got scanned once and told everything was a-ok. big baby. lots of hair.
My labour started naturally the date of my induction (42wks pregnant) had two consultants in the room examining as i had a 'lot of fluid' which was actually preventing the babies head to engage and stay engaged. the consultant finally broke waters after 10hrs contracting and 9cm dilated. i distictnly remember her saying ''this is a lot of waters' while she was doing it. two hours later i had two epidurals (both failed) and when i sat up to bend over to get the epidural my waters gushed again. so much so i ruined the midwives and anaesthesiologist's shoes.
after another examination four hours later i was rushed for an emergency section as the pain i had been feeling between contractions was actually that of my pelvis breaking. after 16 hours of labour, three examinations two consultants i was told the babies head wouldn't fit. baby was born within the hour via emergency section.

AIBU to request my notes to review the diagnosis of polyhydromios?

sorry for essay.

stairbears Fri 15-Jan-16 18:21:30

Of course ywnbu to request your notes, you have a right to them. You might also want a debrief with a consultant or midwife. This service is called 'birth afterthoughts' in some trusts. Don't let on to anyone if you're thinking of making a complaint though before you do these things, otherwise your notes may well go 'missing' hmm

godblessamerica Fri 15-Jan-16 18:29:34

Your pelvis breaking?! Good grief you poor thing! The whole thing sounds very stressful. How are you now? flowers

caroldecker Fri 15-Jan-16 18:32:30

You can of course see them - not sure what would have been different if you did have it and it was diagnosed.

katienana Fri 15-Jan-16 18:33:06

That sounds dreadful. I hope you and your baby are OK now xxx

Firstmum24 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:40:01

stairbears Thank you for advice on 'birth afterthoughts' I am sure i will have a similar service here that i will definitely look into. I feel like the whole emergency thing traumatised me, i can remember my whole upper body convulsing and my whole lower body numb from the blessed blessed spinal i finally got just before surgery. It makes me wince..!!
godblessamerica Physically we are both great! LO is 3months old today and doing fantastically well. I had a brilliant recovery - i am very lucky as i know others are more unfortunate and have problems after surgery. I couldn't lift the baby though for weeks and could not get up and down the stairs at home in under ten minutes. DH actually had to leave his job and get a new one as his employers wouldn't allow him to transfer down so he could be nearer to help (which they could easily have done!) And he couldn't afford to take unpaid compassionate leave. The whole strain it put on us as a family, struggling with money as it is, was heartbreaking and I felt so helpless. I spent weeks in tears and silently in awe of my beautiful child. I wasn't well at all but at the minute i am feeling much better.
I still get terribly upset when I think of how I used to want 3 children but now I can't bring myself to contemplate another labour - which is a real shame as the first 10hrs were amazing - i actually enjoyed didn't mind my contractions!

Firstmum24 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:46:03

caroldecker I am not entirely sure what i am looking for, i think i need to come to terms with the whole thing and i think reading up on the pregnancy and labour notes would help me understand what happened to us a lot better. Also I would never have been let to go over my due date if i had polyhydramnios because of the issues it can cause (prolapsed cord when water breaks/problems with baby and other scary things) and often women get induced early - and i can't help thinking that if i had gone into labour sooner, with the help of induction, that LO's head wouldn't of been so big and i would maybe have managed a vaginal birth. Also you can have some of the fluid removed in pregnancy if necessary for the safety of mum/baby I'm sure.

I would like to add that I could not fault the midwives, consultants and doctors at all, they were all amazing throughout my whole labour and the healing process afterwards.

stairbears Fri 15-Jan-16 18:46:43

The birth trauma website might also be of help. You can also debrief with a private midwife (even if not pregnant), though you have to pay for this. Would recommend hypnobirthing for any subsequent births, to help you release and feel more positive.

Cinnamon2013 Fri 15-Jan-16 18:48:36

Glad to hear you and your LO are both doing well. Sounds like you went through a lot. Do request your notes. I had an EMCS two years ago and just had an appointment to go through mine (nudge being that I'm pregnant again). It was hugely informative and quite cathartic. The consultant spent about an hour explaining it all. It's such a big thing to process and they know that so are usually cooperative

Walkingintheraindrops Fri 15-Jan-16 18:51:42

Please do birth after thoughts as well as requesting your notes- you'll struggle to read them alone, bad printing & handwriting etc. I found birth afterthoughts brilliant. Sorry you had to go through that OP x

Lasaraleen Fri 15-Jan-16 19:02:45

I requested mine after a difficult pregnancy and found them surprisingly therapeutic to read through. They can be very hard to read though! Most medical staff seem to have terrible handwriting even if you can understand all the acronyms and abbreviations.

You might have to pay. I had a stack as I had been in hospital for 4 weeks and had to shell out £50 for photocopying and postage.

Firstmum24 Fri 15-Jan-16 19:20:10

Thank you all, it is good to see that other mums have requested to see their notes and benefitted from going through them.
Will definitely do birth afterthoughts and request my notes - I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of what actually happened.
I was so focused on my breathing during the labour i kind of zoned everything else out.
Thank you all for your advice and support on this

Kittykatmacbill Fri 15-Jan-16 19:28:32

I would definitely suggest getting a traumatic both debrief, mine was set up by the gp. I think the notes won't be that useful without someone to decode them.

DartmoorDoughnut Fri 15-Jan-16 19:41:16

Fucking hell you poor poor thing, massive ((hugs)) on the way, had a very similar story bar the move and the breaking of the pelvis - ouch!!! - def request a debrief, a few friends have had them and found them really helpful. Hope you're ok flowers

OpheliaMoo Fri 15-Jan-16 20:02:34

Ours is called Listening Service and I did it after EMCS. It cleared up a lot for me and I felt slightly more at peace with it all

MamehaSan Fri 15-Jan-16 20:31:15

I've also heard good things about he debrief service, it helps put to bed a lot of questions according to friends who've done it.

I'm sorry to derail slightly, but if you request to see your notes, what exactly do they provide? A copy of your hand-held maternity notes (i.e. the ones that you carry around to all your antenatal appointments and hand back upon discharge from the midwives), or the more detailed hospital notes that are kept at the hospital?

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