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To not do another urine sample for GP?

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shouldnthavesaid Thu 14-Jan-16 20:05:35

I've done 3 since the beginning of December, due to near constant tummy pain and funny smelling wee, heavy vaginal discharge (sometimes with streaks of blood). I've dipsticked my own wee at work - just get traces of leukocytes and protein.

First sample, GP said it came back with 400% greater than normal inflammation and pus cell counts - she prescribed antibiotics, and asked me to of a further dipstick at work and to hand another sample in if nothing was better. I did a further dipstick, handed in a sample and the surgery said it was clear. Symptoms no better, phoned GP and they asked to do another sample just in case something was missed.. I did this, processed the sample through my work (so all done a bit faster than normal) and again, was told it was 100% clear but as I was still feeling rotten they'd get a doctor to call again.

A doctor phoned again - and said to leave yet another urine sample and if after a week I still feel rubbish to phone again hmm.

Anyway - given I've had gunae problems in the past, have a coil etc I rang my consultant's secretary and asked her for advice. My gynaecologist phoned back, said she will book me in for the first of February to get scans and a pelvic exam. She said if I feel worse before then to contact her or my GP , and they'd speed the appointment up.

I feel I've done something wrong by ignoring the GP surgery, but I feel they're just faffing, and not getting Anywhere. I don't think it's normal to feel ill like I do, one of my colleagues found me doubled over in the cupboard the other day and said it's not normal to feel pain like that, should get checked for ovarian cysts etc.

How can I explain to the surgery that I've blatantly ignored them? I have four weekly apps for antidepressants anyway, so they're going to find out..

Kitkatmonster Thu 14-Jan-16 20:22:43

I doubt they'll be bothered. Don't worry about it, they were wasting time and you went direct to someone who was more able to help. It's what I'd have done too. Seriously, the surgery will have plenty going on without feeling put out that you asked another medic for advice.

shouldnthavesaid Fri 15-Jan-16 20:11:37

Yeah I am going to just go for it. My surgery are gping to ring me on Wednesday anyway now - earliest day I can get a phone appt - as I'm struggling with the pain. It's constantly at a 5 out of 10 and then every few hours it builds to about 9. It's horrible.

shouldnthavesaid Sat 16-Jan-16 09:34:03

:/ Work have just said I can't have the day off for the appointment - unless I can find a swap, which is fair enough but it does mean I'll be coming to work, leaving at 11 and then going back for the rest of my shift after having presumably a transvaginal scan and god knows what else sad

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