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Actually not aibu more am I making right decision (work related )

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allthingsred Thu 14-Jan-16 06:35:09

I've been so unhappy in work for the last 6 months. I've been verbally assulted, & had no support from management team, my immediate supervisor has "issues" which lead to extreme mood swings, highs,lows, tears tantrums.
The job I do is faced paced. It's easy you don't need a degree to do it & I've worked mu way up to become a supervisor (& for the last 6 months actually I've been really joint acting manager) last week I had a small accident in work that resulted in blood tests needed at the local hospital.
I have gone from being quite a strong confident working mother to being put on anxiety medication to get me through the day.
I have been offered a different role in the same work place but different department.
But it would mean taking a giant step back.
Pay wise only about 20p difference but I would be going from managing right back down to bottom. Am I doing the right thing starting again.
I just want a job I can do with no stress, no hassle which is what the role offered will entail.
Am I doing the right thing starting at the very bottom again. Or should I just stay until a different opportunity comes up.

Iggi999 Thu 14-Jan-16 06:52:37

What about a job at the same level but in a different company? It does sound like the problem are with the company, so might not necessarily go away if you move role but stay with them?
Sorry you're going through such a bad time flowers

allthingsred Thu 14-Jan-16 07:14:19

The manager of role I'm moving to actually offered me a supervisor role. But I said no because I know nothing about the area I'm moving to. I would rather learn the job then I like to lead by example, if I can do it & stick to targets & the team can see I can they can't complain about tasks I'm asking them to do or say it's not possible to stick to targets.
The company is actually really good & even though low pay is quite understanding of people's needs & has a lot of bonuses of working there.
It just the last 6 months of working alongside someone who has literally made me feel like crap cause I leave 30 mins earlier twice a week & of even though we have over achieved what we need to there had never been 1 word of thanks or praise. I'm always late home & try as I might I cannot shake whatever drama the day had bought off to just spend time with my little ones. as taken its toll
I have actually been offered a job outside the company which I would love to take. But my partner is against it because he has just started a new role & wouldn't be able to help with kids so much & as I said the company I work for is very good, they get if my partner is away I will need to change hours for those few days.
& I've worked there for over 10 years happily it's literally the last 6 months have broken me

allthingsred Thu 14-Jan-16 07:16:00

I leave 30 mins earlier because I work through my lunch btw I'm not shorting my hours!

Cococo1 Thu 14-Jan-16 07:17:09

Sounds like your partner is the problem here. You've been offered s solution - a job in a different company that you really want. So i would just tell your partner that you are taking it, even if it isn't quite so convenient for him.

Schwabischeweihnachtskanne Thu 14-Jan-16 07:37:44

Cococo1 it could be they actually can't cover childcare if the OP takes the new job, without the OP's partner refusing to do business travel (its obviously hard to say no in a new job). We have that problem and it has influenced the work I do - DH's compan is good in that they are very accommodating about him taking time off for child illness but occasionally there are things he has to travel for which are non negotiable and he can't get out of. It means I have to work for an employer who can accept that I absolutely cannot work outside the hours I have childcare for on those days, no matter what.

Its a bit limiting but the price you pay while children are young and family are not near enough to do day to day help. (Our problem is usually the two hours between 5.30am and 7.30am, including drop off to the youngest's childcare - not really a time slot you can ask a friend to cover!)

OP I think you are doing the right thing if reducing your work related stress is the key motivator.

allthingsred Thu 14-Jan-16 07:41:19

I told him that last night☺.
I have to say he has been a rock. Imagine the person you love mother of your children going from a strong confident woman to someone who is literally on the floor. Like I said I'm on anti anxiety med now & he has supported me through it all & as actually been telling me to leave for ages. It's not his fault I got the confidence to go for it @ the same time he got a big promotion.
I think I just have to have the confidence that yes people are going to see me & be asking questions about why I'm demoting myself but know it's for my own health & the best for my family for a little while. (& keep on wishing for that lottery win that will solve the issue completely for me)

littlemermaid80 Thu 14-Jan-16 08:09:11

You say you have had 10 happy years there, could it be the issues of the last 6 months can be resolved?
Think long and hard before packing it in.

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