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To be really shocked by the sperm donor on Victoria Derbyshire?

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fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:26:53

He's making the case against unregulated sperm donation single-handed.

Arfarfanarf Wed 13-Jan-16 10:28:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TamaraLamara Wed 13-Jan-16 10:29:16


Arf. grin

SoupDragon Wed 13-Jan-16 10:30:13

I was wondering what he was doing with the other hand...

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:30:29

Oops blush grin

(It's a news magazine show on BBC News channel/ BBC2 Arf)

<slinks off>

StillStayingClassySanDiego Wed 13-Jan-16 10:30:29

I was never a fan of VD when she was on 5live, is her show any good fid?

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:32:49

I don't know what it's like with her on it Still. I usually only catch it on Fridays when she has a stand-in. She's not on today either (cancer treatment). It's better than R4 drama or the usual rolling news loop of madness smile

LurkingHusband Wed 13-Jan-16 10:35:11

I read the article, and vaguely wondered how much child support he could provide for 800 children.

Or is my memory that unofficial sperm donation (however performed) is not exempt from child support wrong ?

ComposHatComesBack Wed 13-Jan-16 10:43:14

I was wondering what he was doing with the other hand...

Reminds me oof the old joke about the bloke who has been feeling unwell and goes to the doctor.
The doctor says 'I'm very sorry Mr Smith but you'll have to stop masturbating.

- why's that Doctor?

Because it is very rude when I'm trying to take your blood pressure.

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:43:28

I was wondering that. I don't think it was addressed. (I did sign for a packet and referee a dog dispute while it was playing so might have missed it.)

My god, though the weird sleaziness. The donor wants to break a world record for number of DC born from his sperm (he thinks 800 so far hmm ). He referred to lesbian relationships as 'lady couples'. He offered not losing his virginity until 18.6 as a driving motivation confused. He was vague and downright clueless about what tests and screens he had undergone......Reunion BBQ plans....He used the word 'Dad'.

Just shock

ComposHatComesBack Wed 13-Jan-16 10:45:55

800? How the hell does he find the time and the energy?

He must be like a human trevi fountain.

IamtheZombie Wed 13-Jan-16 10:47:07

Zombie thought she was about to lose some more bits but then she realised it was just the sperm donor making her skin crawl. He estimates 800 children so far and wants to go for 1,000 so as to secure the world record.

<< shudders >>

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 13-Jan-16 10:51:34

grin @ Compos.

I was watching op, I had to turn over, he seemed sort of seedy. (Haha), somethjng a bit odd about him.

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:52:08

I can imagine things dropping off or shrivelling in his presence TBF Zombie smile

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Wed 13-Jan-16 10:53:03

grin Human trevi fountain

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 13-Jan-16 10:54:58

800 kids?

There is every chance that some of his children will meet in future and not know they are siblings, that's a can of worms right there.

I think unofficial sperm donors could be chased for support. I remember reading about a man inseminating a lady (actually his wife did it) so she would have a baby and give it to him and his wife. The woman then kept the baby and claimed child support from him shock

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:55:50

I remember reading about a man inseminating a lady (actually his wife did it)

shock His wife inseminated her?

StitchesInTime Wed 13-Jan-16 10:56:51

I saw a bit of it. The bit where he was suggesting that having 800 half siblings could be a conversation starter if you saw someone who looked a bit like you on a train hmm

Peevedquitter Wed 13-Jan-16 10:57:52

Is he trying to beat Ghengis Khan with his DNA world domination plan.

What are the chances as unregulated etc of two of his offspring meeting in later life and becoming a couple, repercussions could be terrible.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 13-Jan-16 10:59:45

TMI alert

The 'surrogate' was on the bed in their house, the guys wife went and wanked him off, then used whatever she used to inseminate the woman as she wanted to feel part of the process.

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:59:56

He did mention Genghis actually. I can't remember what he said about him.

fidel1ne Wed 13-Jan-16 11:01:01

OMG Elsa Why do it like that?? (Rhetorical. I'm assuming you weren't there grin )

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 13-Jan-16 11:02:21

I honestly read about it, it really wasn't me grin

LurkingHusband Wed 13-Jan-16 11:07:47

One presumes HMRC have been told about the £40,000 income he has derived from this ? I hesitate to use the phrase cash in hand, but do remember Loadsamoney waving his "wad" around in the 80s ....

ComposHatComesBack Wed 13-Jan-16 11:09:36

Yes, you'd hope someone's called the HMRC. Brings a whole new definition to 'self employed'.

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