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To think teddies with human dolls faces used to be a thing?

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fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:01:26

DH is looking at me in an annoying way and saying I dreamt it.

Eigg Tue 12-Jan-16 23:02:30

You are right. They were weird and disturbing though.

EduCated Tue 12-Jan-16 23:04:26

Like this?

UterusUterusGhali Tue 12-Jan-16 23:05:57

There were those monkey things that sucked their thumb.

Is that what you're thinking of?

Shallishanti Tue 12-Jan-16 23:06:26

that's Baby Bunting

PerspicaciaTick Tue 12-Jan-16 23:07:15

I thought they were babies dressed in teddy onesies.

fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:07:30


They were weird and disturbing though.

And 'Yes! grin

Were they called something special? Or just 'freaky bears with human faces'?

ValiaH Tue 12-Jan-16 23:08:08 these...?

fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:08:32

It was (teen) DD in a big furry brown onesie that just brought them to mind Pers smile

Moln Tue 12-Jan-16 23:08:54

Were they used to punish children?

ThoughtfulPenny Tue 12-Jan-16 23:09:02

shudders reminds me of those creepy Anne Geddes photographs. Actually I think she may have had a range of dolls too.

Eigg Tue 12-Jan-16 23:09:11

fidel maybe your DH has just wisely blanked them from his memory.

HollyJollyDillydolly Tue 12-Jan-16 23:09:20

I had some Anne Geddes bear/dolls and calendar years ago.

slicedfinger Tue 12-Jan-16 23:09:29

Mil bought DD1 when she was little. DD took one look, shrieked, and ran away grin

fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:10:28

Oh yes I remember the monkey things too, as on Valia's link. So many different types of creepy plastic faced child-scaring things sad

fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:11:49

fidel maybe your DH has just wisely blanked them from his memory.

He must have. He was a 70s child. He must have seen some.

I just got really hoiky at the suggestion my head would invent such a thing smile

FastWindow Tue 12-Jan-16 23:12:07

I had one. I called it Sting, off of the Police <shows age> I also had a vintage doll made entirely of vulcanised rubber that had three faces, you twizzled a knob on it's head and it was happy, sad or asleep.

fidel1ne Tue 12-Jan-16 23:14:13

* I also had a vintage doll made entirely of vulcanised rubber that had three faces,*


Could you make it spin quickly?

Toymakers hate kids, don't they?

TheSecondOfHerName Tue 12-Jan-16 23:15:24

I had something called a chickaboo (not sure if that's the spelling) towards the end of the 1970s. Loved that thing.

FastWindow Tue 12-Jan-16 23:15:34

No Fidel1ne it was quite glitchy. I did try though.

LilacSpunkMonkey Tue 12-Jan-16 23:16:37

I had one of those thumb-suckling ones. Mine was a mouse. I've still got it somewhere I think.

A friend gave it to me and I always thought it was really cute.

Bear with a doll's face? Not so much.

MoonlightandMusic Tue 12-Jan-16 23:23:46

You mean these nightmares things?. Tk Maxx seem to have a never-ending stock of them. Can't imagine why...

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Tue 12-Jan-16 23:24:36

We had this one. Called him Andrew. He fell to pieces after about 15 years sad

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Tue 12-Jan-16 23:25:24

Argh cross post moonlight those are horrible

FastWindow Tue 12-Jan-16 23:25:53

Mine was just a plush teddy with quite a pretty plastic face.

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