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to think my landlord needs to pull her finger out and fix the bloody boiler?

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ShowYourSeams Tue 12-Jan-16 21:27:12

Moved in November. Boiler wasn't working properly. Had hot water, but no heating for over 2 weeks. Plumber came and fixed the problem, took 4 days of work due to a botched job when the boiler was installed.

A few days later the boiler started leaking. Plumber came back out, 'fixed' it again. Same happened again the next week 'fixed' again.

22nd December 3 more leaks appeared, this time the water coming out is red with rust. Due to the positioning of the boiler/plumbing the rusty water is dripping onto my washing machine. The top is water damaged and the side is stained red with rust. (I accept this is just a cosmetic issue and not affecting the function of the machine, but it's my belongings that are being damaged!)

I've contacted the landlord and plumber several times a week sine 22nd Dec, I keep being assured it will be sorted but so far no one has even been to look at it let alone fix it.

AIBU to think she needs to sort this out? Not only are my things getting damaged but her house is potentially getting damp damaged due to the water constantly pouring from the boiler.

M48294Y Tue 12-Jan-16 21:28:35

Yanbu. Hope that helps.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 12-Jan-16 21:31:45

YANBU. Do you know when the boiler was last serviced properly? Could it be due soon?

If the boiler is working at the moment (in the heat & water respect), your LL may not see at as an urgent issue. You may need to keep pushing for the plumber to come back.

It sounds like either a dodgy boiler or a dodgy plumber if three visits haven't fixed the issue!

listsandbudgets Tue 12-Jan-16 21:38:46

How much space is there under the boiler? Can you avoid further damage to your washing machine by putting a small bucket or a large bowl there to catch the water?

YANBU - keep contacting your landlord there is clearly something wrong with your boiler

ShowYourSeams Tue 12-Jan-16 21:40:49

It was apparently new when we movedin. However 2 different plumbers have told me that this particular boiler is unsuitable for this house. It is far too small and not nearly powerful enough.

The plumber does appear to be ignoring my attempts to contact him now though, so could be that he's also dodgy.

ShowYourSeams Tue 12-Jan-16 21:44:34

I've tried to put a bowl under it but it filled up while I was out and so splashed everywhere anyway.
I'm going to try to wedge a bucket under it but there's 3 leaks so won't be way to position it.

ShowYourSeams Tue 12-Jan-16 21:44:43

Easy not way

listsandbudgets Tue 12-Jan-16 22:27:27

that's bad op. A small drip is one thing but that sounds more like a flow than a drip. Good luck with your landlady

HortonWho Tue 12-Jan-16 22:32:20

Plumber can't do anything without landlord so not sure why you're ringing him - probably why he's not answering you (you're not the owner, he knows that so he can't do anything even if you paid him now). Don't get why your landlord isn't sorting it - she's only damaging her own property. But yes, keep ringing and emailing so it's in writing. She is obligated to fix it within reasonable amount of time, as per your rental agreement.

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