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Neighbour's Kids

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Hanah40 Mon 11-Jan-16 16:23:53

Our neighbours 12 children rendered our garden unusable over the summer by throwing stuff over the fence, screaming from 7am to 8pm, yelling for us to come talk to them etc. One of them also broke a section of fence - I caught him doing it, and know it was deliberate because he was giggling and told me I couldn't stop him. Fortunately he complied when I ordered him off the fence but we still had to replace that section. (No, his parents did not offer to contribute).

The same child has twice now knocked on the door, rung the doorbell and tried the handle - it opened today because I had just done the bins and he let himself in. I firmly told him to leave (didn't raise my voice) and he did, giggling again.

I don't have kids - is this normal for a 6-7 year old? I'm concerned I'm feeling more annoyed than I should. Am I just being grumpy and AIBU for thinking this is unacceptable behaviour?

GraysAnalogy Mon 11-Jan-16 16:27:22

TWELVE children?!!

I think you just need to speak to the parents. Kids will be kids and all that but they're overstepping boundaries and as they're young they need their parents to teach them it's not okay.

As for the fence you shouldn't hve waited for them to offer I'd have asked them outright

MrsUniverse Mon 11-Jan-16 16:28:14

That's really not normal. I don't know what you can do about it though.

GraysAnalogy Mon 11-Jan-16 16:30:49

You haven't got a dog or anything have you? I'm just wondering coz if the kid tries to gain access again and the dog notices it might not end well. In fact I'm sure I read a story in which a girl got bit by a dog because she walked into the neighbours house.

SaucyJack Mon 11-Jan-16 16:31:43

It's not normal, but neither is being one of 12 children.

I expect he's dying for a bit of attention and/or discipline.

Not your problem tho tbf.

coffeeisnectar Mon 11-Jan-16 16:34:04

12? Please tell me that's a typo.

I agree though that the poor kid is crying out for attention. Any attention even negative.

Hanah40 Mon 11-Jan-16 19:26:07

Not a typo.

I agree he's probably desperate for attention, and I know normally you just ignore attention seeking behaviour and reward good behaviour but I can't really ignore this stuff.

We don't have a dog, thank goodness. I'll talk to the parents.

ohtheholidays Tue 12-Jan-16 01:20:25

No it's not normal and it doesn't matter how many children your neighbours have they have chosen to have the children and therefore they need to buck up they're ideas and actually parent.

There is lots you can do about it,for starters tell the parents every time they chuck something over your garden,if they try to get into your house or break anything of yours.

If they break something of yours it is upto the parents to pay for the replacement.

If they're council tenants or HA and you speak to the parents and get no joy you can report it to the council or HA,if they're private tennants you can report it all to they're landlord.

We have 5DC and two of our children are autistic,there is no way we would allow our children to behave in that way.

MidniteScribbler Tue 12-Jan-16 01:38:30

Get tough. Stop telling him nicely, and just yell at him. "Get out of my house!" would be the only response I'd have to someone opening my front door and walking in. You have no responsibility to these children, and if telling him to get out and never come back in is the only way to get through to them, then so be it.

Anything that comes over my fence is now the property of my dogs. It only took a few times of the dogs being allowed to chew up balls for my former neighbours to figure out that toys need to stay in their own yard. A few beer bottles came over after a party, and they were promptly returned the next morning, at full force, to smash on their back patio to clean up when they eventually woke up. I have no tolerance for this sort of crap.

ohtheholidays Tue 12-Jan-16 02:24:25

Scribbler glass bottles?That's awful what if they'd hurt your dogs or one of you.I'm not surprised you chucked them back over.

MidniteScribbler Tue 12-Jan-16 02:54:39

Yes I was really annoyed. My son loves to run around the yard, and I have six dogs, so a good chance of someone getting hurt. I had no hesitation in throwing them over as they have no young children (their youngest is 18 and him and his mates were the culprits for the loud party). I wouldn't have done it if they had young children who could get hurt, but I have no such care for a rude, loud, hungover 18 year old and his mates.

His parents had been away over night, and the next loud noise we heard was from them when they came home and found their son had held a party and upset the neighbours. grin

ohtheholidays Tue 12-Jan-16 09:43:23

Oh God I bet he's in they're good books today then grin

MoMoTy Tue 12-Jan-16 09:47:14

Sounds such a brat and naughty. Speak to his parents,

GraysAnalogy Wed 13-Jan-16 09:22:25

Midnite I fucking love you. It's refreshing to see someone actually bloody do something and not give a toss.

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