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to be thinking about having another baby?

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waterandwavelengths Sun 10-Jan-16 22:48:27

When DP and I got together we both felt quite strongly that we didn't want any more children. We have been together a few years and our position on this has not changed so far.

However, recently I have been feeling like maybe I do really want a baby. Dp has a child from a previous relationship and I have 2 so we both felt we had enough on our hands but I am only late 20's and I've always felt like my family was not complete yet.

The thought of not ever having another child makes me so unbearably sad and I would love to have the chance to experience having a child with someone in a happy, settled and non abusive relationship (I got pregnant very young and my ex was abusive in almost every way imaginable).

However, unfortunately the position my ex put me in I was so downtrodden and mentally destroyed that I just wasn't in a good position to parent my children and now they live with family members (not adopted). It was the best move for them at the time but now, even though I'm in a much better place in every way, I'm worried that if I had another baby SS would move to take them from me. Aibu to even think about it?

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