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second hand underwear

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mummylollypop Sun 10-Jan-16 18:02:31

i noticed a few posts over the last few days on selling pages for childrens second hand underwear .one was Boden five pairs for £11 posted i just dont get why anyone would want to buy second hand underwear when supermarkets sell underwear so cheaply

CaptainCrunch Sun 10-Jan-16 18:13:51

Some people literally want money for old rope.

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Sun 10-Jan-16 18:16:34

Some people are all about a name tho, sadly. They must feel that their darling offspring need boden on their underwear rather than Tu - even if that means secondhand boden.

Nothing against secondhand btw. But thanks

sunnyshowers Sun 10-Jan-16 18:16:40

I've given bags of clothes to a friend (only give the good stuff and she commented on how i hasn't included socks vests and me she wouldn't want them ha ha

originalmavis Sun 10-Jan-16 18:16:49

No thanks! Old pants, old bras, I am still couldn't wear them but some people are happy to after a wash (I assume).

sunnyshowers Sun 10-Jan-16 18:16:52

Kids clothes

originalmavis Sun 10-Jan-16 18:18:17

Trust me, nobody would want ds's used underwear. You just can't boil/bleach those stains away.

Only1scoop Sun 10-Jan-16 18:18:46

Blimey 11.00 quid for user boden pants confused

Have donated great condition ones to nursery for the emergency box but that's where I'd draw the line.

I think someone who paid 11.00 for used pants with a label had a little problem

Shirkingfromhome Sun 10-Jan-16 18:22:17

Unless it's 'brand new with tags' or never worn second hand then second hand underwear is massive no-no.

That's said I do give my bras to Oxfam so they can recycle them. The literature reports it reduces sexual assault as only wealthy women can typically afford bras in certain countries. But knickers, never!

Chattymummyhere Sun 10-Jan-16 18:26:35

I've never understood it. I wouldn't buy secondhand underwear. I did see some up on a gifting group before and even that made me go who an earth uses second hand undies. It was kids and then another person gifting used ann summers underwear including the crotchless and non nipple covering type. That made me even more uneasy that people where asking to be considered think who an earth wants second hand underwear let alone the type that people will have very clearly used in foreplay/sex. Surprisingly loads of people asked for all the used bits.

Ughnotagain Sun 10-Jan-16 18:33:09

My friend's sister knew someone who only wore vintage everything. Including knickers. The mind boggles hmm

originalmavis Sun 10-Jan-16 18:35:33

Vintage knickers must have been either unworn or like a bloody chastity belt! Mine don't last all that long before the elastic goes.

imwithspud Sun 10-Jan-16 18:36:32

I draw the line at second hand underwear. I wouldn't sell/donate it nor would I be interested in buying it.

You can buy it cheap enough from somewhere like primark or the supermarkets, I don't really see the need? Same with socks and vests (although I have donated baby vests with the poppers).

Oldraver Sun 10-Jan-16 18:42:00

My mind boggles at the thought of anyone wanting DS's old pants...they are only fit for the bin

hollinhurst84 Sun 10-Jan-16 18:42:17

I buy used bras. £30 + otherwise

shouldnthavesaid Sun 10-Jan-16 18:44:56

I buy second hand bras - otherwise I'm stuck with primark ones that fall apart. I cant afford M&S etc. Have some good ones now and so much comfier.

originalmavis Sun 10-Jan-16 18:46:23

I buy them in the sales - gawd awful colours but hey, I've been married for over 20 years...

Nicknamegrief Sun 10-Jan-16 18:55:01

Nothing wrong with second hand underwear IMO (although I would give stained stuff a miss). We sleep on hotel sheets and use towels in hotels ...... I imagine there are worse things that they have seen. Also I hand my children's underwear down to the next one. If I can save a couple of pounds I will and it's better for the environment.
If someone is willing to pay £11 for second hand pants that is another thing!

ILoveWillSmith Sun 10-Jan-16 19:00:56

I buy them in the sales - gawd awful colours but hey, I've been married for over 20 years
Love that! I've been married over 20 years and my dh nearly falls out of bed if he sees me in matching underwear! I go for comfort rather than style these days!
I have to say I wouldn't buy secondhand underwear, I'd feel a bit 'eew'

AppleSetsSail Sun 10-Jan-16 19:01:58

I buy everything secondhand and my kids sometimes groan, but I'd stop short of used knickers. It seems completely unnecessary, I spent about £20 every other year or so for each kid.

unlucky83 Sun 10-Jan-16 19:12:42

I feel a bit ick about it and I wouldn't buy second hand underwear
But then DD2 has had some of DD1's good condition second hand pants (and socks)...and I never even thought about it. (Especially age 2-3 ones I had lots of pairs for potty training)
I don't know why that is different to buying some ...but it is...somehow.

maggiethemagpie Sun 10-Jan-16 20:06:02

I work for a charity chain and any unsaleable clothes are sold for rag. So even second hand underwear is of some value.

Stanky Sun 10-Jan-16 20:08:10

I've handed down clean pants to friend's toddlers in amongst other clothes. They were washed clean, and stain free. I hope that my friend didn't think me too strange to hand them down, but you can never have too many spare pants when potty training ime. I've also handed down underwear from ds1 to ds2, as there was nothing wrong with it, and they don't know any different. That will probably have to stop when they get older though.

Soooosie Sun 10-Jan-16 20:10:53

My friends DS has used my DS's old pants. He was toilet training and he was going through pants like nobody's business.

Cliffdiver Sun 10-Jan-16 20:12:13

God. DD2 gets practically everything handed down from DD1, but I draw the line at knickers. And that's sibling knickers.

Second hand pants from someone you don't know... shock No thank you!

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