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To think David Cameron has a nerve setting standards for good parenting?

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echt Sun 10-Jan-16 02:42:32

You couldn't make it up, though to be fair he thinks everyone is bit shit and needs Tory guidance, not just the feckless proles, for once.

TheDowagerCuntess Sun 10-Jan-16 02:48:17

Perhaps he can tell us about his experience, as a middle class father, of attending parenting classes back when his were younger.

WhimsicalWinnifred Sun 10-Jan-16 02:50:51

This is interesting!!! Sometimes it would be nice to have a guide on what to do. Lo and behold, Google gives me access to many studies, books and debates about different methods and how they work. And it doesn't cost the government...

MagicMojito Sun 10-Jan-16 03:20:29

I actually think its a really good opportunity for parents/parents to be. Ive always been a bit shocked in regards to how little guidance you are offered considering raising children is a massive responsibility that can have awful consequences if you get it wrong.

Personally I think that it can only be a positive thing so long as it remains an option for people who choose to take part.

echt Sun 10-Jan-16 03:35:35

Ive always been a bit shocked in regards to how little guidance you are offered considering raising children is a massive responsibility that can have awful consequences if you get it wrong.

This came from a google "good parenting books". I haven't read any of them, so can vouch for none of their guidance, but to say there's little guidance out there is wide of the mark.

knobblyknee Sun 10-Jan-16 03:37:43

Didnt he leave his kid in the pub once?

With all his resources, Secret Service agents et al and he still leaves his bloody kid in the pub.

echt Sun 10-Jan-16 03:41:10

Snurk at knobblyknees.

And the pig incident.grin

mathanxiety Sun 10-Jan-16 03:50:34

Weird isn't it, that the nanny state is baaaaad but politicians preaching about parenting is right and proper.

Many parents would find it easier to feed, clothe and generally raise their children if their benefits weren't slashed.

Twas ever the same though -- those who know better teaching the Lower Orders how to make sure their children don't turn out like their parents. Arrogant doesn't really cover it.

In his speech, Cameron will say the family unit is a bulwark against poverty. He will also announce a doubling of funding for relationship counselling services...
...Cameron will say: “Families are the best anti-poverty measure ever invented. They are a welfare, education and counselling system all wrapped up into one. Children in families that break apart are more than twice as likely to experience poverty as those whose families stay together. That’s why strengthening families is at the heart of our agenda.”
And the idiot from Relate nods and says that family breakdown is a key driver of poverty.
This is because child support orders have no teeth and because single mothers find it really hard to get jobs that pay after childcare. Not because single mothers are innately incapable of working or earning or raising children.

This is a shameless statement of the idea that it is single mothers who are at the root of all of society's problems. They don't need welfare, or jobs that pay and that work with school schedules, they need men.

BrideOfWankenstein Sun 10-Jan-16 03:52:53

Came here to say that the guy who leaves his kid in the pub is not a very good example of good parent, so why should anyone listen to him?

knobblyknee got there first.

echt Sun 10-Jan-16 03:54:25

So true, maths.

One of the commentators on the Grauniad link makes the point that the "bulwark against poverty" is, er... money.

So easy to blame the individuals and not address systemic issues.


Baconyum Sun 10-Jan-16 03:59:59

"This is a shameless statement of the idea that it is single mothers who are at the root of all of society's problems. They don't need welfare, or jobs that pay and that work with school schedules, they need men"

This! Arrogant twat who's likely had very little to do with the raising of his own kids!

All parents would find it a hell of a lot easier to be good parents if the country wasn't being driven to hell in a handbasket by him n his cronies!

mathanxiety Sun 10-Jan-16 04:27:59

I saw that after I posted. Better stated than my post.

BlueSmarties76 Sun 10-Jan-16 04:45:07

Exactly what MathAnxiety said!

emilybohemia Sun 10-Jan-16 04:52:44

Absolute arse.

pineappleshortbread Sun 10-Jan-16 04:55:09

I also hate the single parents cause poverty crap. Im married and still struggle financially. Also I had my dcs young, didnt know and still dont know any other parents. Currently have little family support and yet I havent needed parenting classes to raise my kids. I do it my way and for advice i google.

There is enough pressure raising kids without being told that there is a "right" way by the government. It also isnt fair to pressure couples to try and stay together in this manner. It is a horribly thought out and worded idea.

Im sure it could be helpful but it has been worded in such an arrogant and disrespectful manner.

BertrandRussell Sun 10-Jan-16 05:39:17

Remind me- what have the Tories done to Sure Start?

cannotlogin Sun 10-Jan-16 06:23:50

if only this Government would put half as much effort into filling in the child maintenance gap as it does blaming single mothers for every woe of the world, there would be few poverty issues for children in this country.

Call out those parents, family members, friends, new partners, colleagues, who all merrily laugh their heads off at the loveable rogue who doesn't support his children and who scorn the single mother for needing benefits or only working a minimum wage job on a 0 hours contract. I mean, she got herself pregnant, she should take all of the responsibility....and let's not forget those successful single mothers who manage careers around their parenting responsibilities, wouldn't want them to get too big for their boots...make sure we pat her ex on the back and say 'never mind, don't worry about supporting your children, she's got a good job, she can manage on her own'.

FFS. Ruined my Sunday!

Atenco Sun 10-Jan-16 06:28:30

So well said Maths.

Believeitornot Sun 10-Jan-16 06:36:08

I was also going to post about sure start.

Fucking vouchers for parenting classes? Two words:
Nanny state
Quite literally.

He was quoted as talking about the increase in health visitors. I PMSL at that one.

ivykaty44 Sun 10-Jan-16 06:59:35

We need HMRC to collect maintenance from absent parents every month and then the money would reach the families left behind. The correct amount if money would be collected as bonuses & overtime would also be taken into account every month, the children would benefit.

An automatic system of collection on proof of dna and absent parent wouldn't just swan of into the sunset.

cannotlogin Sun 10-Jan-16 07:07:31

the problem around maintenance wouldn't necessarily be solved by the HMRC. People on PAYE pretty much have no choice but to pay maintenance. The issues arise with self employment, cash in hand, agency work, transient workers etc. etc. Much harder to deal with on a week to week or month to month basis.

jellyfrizz Sun 10-Jan-16 07:14:04

The statistics show a correlation between family breakdown and poverty? Mightn't it be poverty causing the family breakdown rather than the other way around?

Laquitar Sun 10-Jan-16 07:15:18

Hmm single parents wouldn't be poor if there was better and cheaper childcare available. Are they in poverty in Sweden?
Also most 2 parents families on low
wages are poor too with the housing prices and the childcare cost.

Maybe polygamy would be better solution then?
It will sort the housing problem too.
He might tell us to marry as many people as we can next. He is obsessed with marriage!

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Sun 10-Jan-16 07:25:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Youarentkiddingme Sun 10-Jan-16 07:37:42

Laq exactly what I thought! Most families where there is 2 parents and they both work lose a wage to childcare and a good 50-75% of the other to housing/bills.

So many people are priced out of the housing market now they are paying more in rent than they would mortgage and therefore unable to save to get on property ladder - especially if you have a child in FT childcare too.

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