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toddlers teeth

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funkyjoe Sat 09-Jan-16 17:42:11

Hi Girls, looking for advice, I have a 22 month old toddler with early childhood cavities(bottle)

I am looking for a dentist please that will help treat them.
Based in middlesex uk, but will travel

KP86 Sat 09-Jan-16 17:49:57

Can't help with a dentist, but can I ask I it was from milk? I'm petrified of my son's teeth getting cavities (or caries) as he doesn't let us clean them properly, if at all.

Who has ideas to help?

RobinHumphries Sat 09-Jan-16 17:55:27

I don't think you will find a dentist who could treat them because it is impossible to get compliance in a not yet 2 year old.

Pengweng Sat 09-Jan-16 18:00:08

You might need a doctor to refer you to hospital. I doubt a regular dentist would be able to help though I would be inclined to take them in to your own. Mine have been seen from age 2 with me when i go. They might have some suggestions.

funkyjoe Sat 09-Jan-16 18:00:54

@kp86, yes milk in bottle at night, she sips a lot, we both work so we were given her the bottle at night when she stirred sad

A friend of mine, her child was treated 6 years ago in watford. she cant think where it was.

@robin i dont mind waiting till she is a bit older, i just want to be prepared and to check them out.

thanks girls

Mrsmorton Sat 09-Jan-16 18:02:30

pengweng a dentist would be entirely capable of referring a child to the appropriate service. Just so you know, GPs don't like getting involved in this sort of thing given that dentists are the experts.

KP86 Sat 09-Jan-16 18:31:16

Crikey, sounds exactly like our situation. Now I'm really worried!

I'm due at the dentist in Feb, might take him and see if he will open his mouth. He wouldn't last time we went in Aug last year. Almost exactly the same age as your DC.

Teenagecrisisagain Sat 09-Jan-16 18:46:58

My ds2 is 3

Awful, awful teeth. Has been to the dentist a couple of times and loved it! So you may find its ok. We have been told to brush really well and don't rinse but I think ds will need fillings very soon. Even his front teeth are now rotting sad

yorkshapudding Sat 09-Jan-16 19:00:02

Current NHS and British Dental Association recommendations are that babies should start to visit the dentist as soon as they get their first teeth. No need to wait until the age of 2. Could you just make an appointment for him at your own dentist to get this looked at? If they feel that specialist treatment is required they can signpost you to someone with the right expertise.

DisappointedOne Sat 09-Jan-16 19:06:36

I had medication as a child which rotted my teeth. I just can't get my head around toddlers with rotting teeth. sad (Several friends breastfed during night waking for 4-5 years without problems.)

hazeyjane Sat 09-Jan-16 19:08:32

The dentist will refer you on if specialist care is needed.

If teeth need to be removed then that will have to be done under GA at hospital as a day surgey.

Wrt difficulties brushing, wrapping in a large towel can help.

Excited101 Sat 09-Jan-16 19:16:41

It's worth photographing teeth so that if when you go to the dentist they won't open their mouth at least you have photos to show.

As for non compliance with brushing I'm afraid I'm in the pin them down and get it done camp, I have no tolorence for lack of teeth brushing and no, a young child (or even an older child) doing it themselves is utterly pointless.

And don't rinse!

Mistigri Sat 09-Jan-16 19:21:09

My DS had a tooth that basically fell apart and was removed at about age 3/4 by our regular dentist. She thinks that the enamel did not form properly, but I suspect that his breastfeeding habits (he was an all-night feeder until we broke the habit) did not help. The good news is that his adult teeth are perfect.

Talk to your dentist - my DS is quite a calm biddable child and it was possible for him to be treated in the regular dental surgery without any issues.

ByThePrickingOfMyThumbs Sat 09-Jan-16 19:24:27

Surely any dentist will be able to help you with this? Are you registered with an NHS dentist yourself? If yes, they should see him there and be able to refer him to a specialist paediatric dentist if necessary.

Both of mine have visited the dentist from about the age of 1 and opened their mouths fine. Am glad we went early as DC2 has enamel hypoplasia. Since it was spotted early, we were able to take steps to protect her baby teeth. She has a fluoride coating applied every few months and we are vigilant about teeth brushing. It's non-negotiable in out house.

liquidrevolution Sat 09-Jan-16 19:40:59

DD badly chipped her front tooth over Christmas and we took her to the dentist to get it checked out. She is booked in for another visit in a month's time in a joint appointment with DH. We will get her teeth checked regularly as mine were awful as a child and still not brilliant with dentists. DH has great teeth so he is charge of dentist visits.

She is 18 months old.

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