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AIBU to object to these sex education sessions?

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balletgirlmum Thu 07-Jan-16 23:58:32

Had a letter from school informing me that the as part of phase children will be getting a some relationships & sex education sessions. Standard type of letter I've had them before.

Except this time the sessions will be delivered by the area Schools Christian worker. Further googling informs me he/she is employed by Scripture Union.

At the very least I feel I should ask the content & viewpoint that will be presented.

AIBU to object to this?

kateclarke Thu 07-Jan-16 23:59:54

I wouldn't be happy about that. Is it a church school?

balletgirlmum Fri 08-Jan-16 00:01:40

No it isn't a faith school. It's largely white british/european demographic but with a higher proportion than usual of students who identify as lgbt.

5madthings Fri 08-Jan-16 00:01:49

Yanbu to ask about content and how it will be bring presented, I would be very sceptical about Sex education bring given by any religious organisation.

knobblyknee Fri 08-Jan-16 00:05:39

YANBU. That should be presented by someone with no agenda.

HeffalumpTrap Fri 08-Jan-16 00:07:01

I wouldn't be happy with that either

Baconyum Fri 08-Jan-16 00:07:01

I agree should not be given by someone with an agenda. Is this in UK?

balletgirlmum Fri 08-Jan-16 00:10:34

Yes the UK. It's a private school if that makes any difference.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 08-Jan-16 00:10:53

Blimey. I was coming onto this thread to tell you off for objecting to sex education. <moves over> Object away.

whois Fri 08-Jan-16 00:11:02

No fucking way should sex education be delivered by an organisation with a religious agenda. I can not believe they will give impartial and accurate healthy advice and discussion.

PrettyCherryTrees Fri 08-Jan-16 00:19:25

YANBU - I'm a practising Christian and I'd want to know the content in detail before consenting to that.

My SU leader told me that I should dump my (non Christian) boyfriend because he would 'pull
me off my pedastle'. I was so insensed that I never went back to SU.

The leader was a kind and well meaning man but shouldn't have been offering relationship advice to a teenage girl.

twofingerstoGideon Fri 08-Jan-16 00:21:00

YANBU at all.

JasperDamerel Fri 08-Jan-16 00:21:31

I googled, and there's an organisation calked Oasis which does sex and relationship education in schools - they've worked with thousands of children all over the country, and sponsors a chain of academies. Very little information about the content, but there is mention of showing nasty pictures of STDs, and encourages both abstinence and condom use, and discouraging homophobic bullying.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 08-Jan-16 00:25:48

Brook provide sex education in schools knobblyknee, do you really think they don't have an agenda.

echt Fri 08-Jan-16 00:28:53

Brook provide sex education in schools knobblyknee, do you really think they don't have an agenda.

Yes, but it would not be an agenda based on having an imaginary friend.

OP, find out more details.

Crazypetlady Fri 08-Jan-16 00:31:14

YANBU. It should be a neutral session.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 08-Jan-16 00:39:56

Brook position. Sounds HORRIFIC. Or sensible, I think the latter.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 08-Jan-16 00:41:21

"We must have high expectations of children and young people so that they can have high expectations for themselves and the relationships and sex they choose. Relationships and sex education must set out our hopes for children and young people to help them develop confidently with a positive attitude to sex and sexuality." Pure evil. Brook certainly have an agenda!

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 08-Jan-16 00:42:21

That last post sounded like the quote was from the SU. It isn't; it's from Brook. Just to be clear!

Mmmmcake123 Fri 08-Jan-16 00:47:53

Yanbu but I think it's worth finding out the content being delivered.
Years ago I participated in listening to something v important to me delivered by a catholic priest. I was actually quite surprised by the majority of it being insightful common sense. Unfortunately he ruined it at the end with rhetoric.
Check the content, but also check what the surmising involves. I personally think they will stick to facts during the main delivery but the end could possibly bring out suggested opinions.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 08-Jan-16 00:50:48

Why is it acceptable to be prejudice against Christians. Do you really thing promoting sex in under age teenagers is a good thing.
High Expectations? They shouldn't be choosing sex at all.
I have High Expectations for my dc that don't include underage sex.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 08-Jan-16 00:53:54

No. I believe that giving good, accurate, respectful sex education is the way to STOP children having sex and if they do choose to have sex, to stop them getting ill or pregnant. Decades of research support me.

It is acceptable to be prejudiced against a bad candidate for a job based on their saying their aim is not the stated work involved in the job. Sex education isn't about Jesus, which is what SU is about.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Fri 08-Jan-16 00:59:13

I'm not in favour of underage sex either but I'd rather all children were saying 'no' because they were making a positive and empowered choice than through fear and guilt.

lorelei9 Fri 08-Jan-16 00:59:37

YANBU at all

you must ask what the content is and why they have chosen someone from a religious organisation to present it instead of a teacher.

That seems odd.

sleeponeday Fri 08-Jan-16 01:27:37

Scripture Union is an avowedly evangelical organisation. I would be withdrawing my own child from these sessions, because I wouldn't know if I could trust the information provided.

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