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to feel that your mum

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ditavonteesed Thu 07-Jan-16 18:05:27

is in fact the best one liner, pout down and generally funny joke in the world, only closely followed by that's what he/she said?
Or am I a child?

TiredButFineODFOJ Thu 07-Jan-16 18:38:00

I came here just to say " no,YOUR mum!"
It probably contradicts my feminist beliefs. But then again the fact that insulting your mum rather than your dad just shows that dad's are not held in such high regard derails lighthearted thread

Whisperingeye1 Thu 07-Jan-16 18:53:00

There is no situation when this is not hilarious. fact

pictish Thu 07-Jan-16 18:54:38

The Scots version is, "Aye...yer maw." and I love it! So agreed.

munkisocks Thu 07-Jan-16 18:56:05

No, here we use "your face!" Don't know why...

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jan-16 18:57:06

I can think of plenty of occasions when it isn't hilarious. fact.

ssd Thu 07-Jan-16 18:57:57

I dont get the joke here??

pictish Thu 07-Jan-16 18:59:50

Aye...yur maw

OodleDoodleBug Thu 07-Jan-16 19:00:25

We use "so's your face" after watching Scrubs, the less it makes sense, the better it is. grin

FlatOnTheHill Thu 07-Jan-16 19:01:19

I dont get it either confused

TimeToMuskUp Thu 07-Jan-16 19:01:47

Oodle We use "So's your face" all the time! I genuinely didn't think there were any other families daft enough to adopt it. I'm chuffed!

Figwin Thu 07-Jan-16 19:01:59

My DH and I "your mum" constantly. If we hear something on TV it's sometimes a race to say it such as "your mum has a healthy badger" watching spring watch or "your mum like uses the back door" watch a crime drama. They get much more obscure than that but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

Figwin Thu 07-Jan-16 19:02:56

And so's your face!

"Your face is a..."

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 07-Jan-16 19:03:30

YANBU, it's hilarious.

SpoonfulOfJam Thu 07-Jan-16 19:04:42

I overheard the end of a conversation between 2 lovely children I was teaching. One said "your mom". I told her not to be so rude, she replied "I was just asking who's taking us to scouts tonight".

ssd Thu 07-Jan-16 19:04:45

still in the dark here

ditavonteesed Thu 07-Jan-16 19:05:37

if it helps I even do it to the kids who just sort of roll there eyes at me and say but your our mum.

ditavonteesed Thu 07-Jan-16 19:07:14

see explaination well not really but it made me laugh.

kelper Thu 07-Jan-16 19:07:36

All I can hear now is Newman and baddiel and their "you see that coat? That's your mum that is"

tethersend Thu 07-Jan-16 19:10:02

From the best supply lesson I ever taught:

"Your mum I'm putting a box round it"

MistressMerryWeather Thu 07-Jan-16 19:11:32

It's 'Yer Ma' here in Belfast.

As in 'Yer ma's yer da and yer da's a tree'

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Thu 07-Jan-16 19:12:24

"This TV programme is rubbish"
"Your face is rubbish"
"Your mum is rubbish"

"that sock looks like a a dead snake"
"YOur face looks likes a dead snake"
"Your mum looks like a dead snake"

"That fridge stinks"
"Your mum stinks"

Just a few of the mature adult conversations DH and I have had today grin

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Thu 07-Jan-16 19:13:44

Smell yer maw. Best put down ever. End of. Fact. True.

PinkSquash Thu 07-Jan-16 19:14:49

YANBU. It's always a giggle. grin

ditavonteesed Thu 07-Jan-16 19:15:06

that sounds just like me and dh. Also at uni during anatomy lessons me and a couple of friends have a competition to get the best that's what he/she said, obviously subtly as we are supposed to be grown ups.

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