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To hate polystyrene???

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TheCrazyDuchess Wed 06-Jan-16 16:44:22

Gah angry yet another amazon delivery and yet another box full of polystyrene.

Just the sight of it is enough to make me feel nauseated... and the sound makes me want to rip my skin off eurgh!!

Now have to wait for DD to come home and unpack my slow cooker.....

At least with the scrunched up paper that can be recycled and doesn't turn me into an emotional homicidal wreck

mypoorbottee Wed 06-Jan-16 17:19:24

Ooh I love polystyrene - I like getting a big chunk of it and sinking my teeth into it, right to the gumline grin

LavenderRain Wed 06-Jan-16 17:23:16

DD is the same as you op
She has a phobia about the stuff! Cannot bare to look at it let alone touch it,
Any package has to be vetted before she can deal with it,

DM is the same with cotton wool grin

Fratelli Wed 06-Jan-16 17:25:57

Yanbu! Its dry and horrible!

TheCrazyDuchess Wed 06-Jan-16 17:28:19

mypoorbottie sweet Jesus that made me want to throw up!!

<shudders uncontrollably>

R0nJ0n Wed 06-Jan-16 17:30:05

Better polystyrene than cardboard boxes, I can't bear the texture of them, the smell of them or the sound of two bits of box rubbing together...urg <shudder emoticon>.

stargirl1701 Wed 06-Jan-16 17:31:56

Are you sure it is polystyrene? Corn starch packing looks exactly the same but is compostable.

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 06-Jan-16 17:32:26

I'm not a huge fan of polystyrene but the texture that really makes me want to weep is rubbing two bits of wet wool together. It makes my teeth water and my spine shiver and all my bits clench up...............and YET I feel compelled to rub bits of wet wool together just to torment myself.

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